MASS Information Systems – Solutions for Education

MASS provides solutions across the Education sector, we understand your drivers and market. We work with clients of all sizes, assessing their technology estate to see what’s working and make recommendations for change, innovation and transformation.

  • We use agile systems that help you adapt to change
  • We help you to keep your students safe
  • We help you put your students at the centre of what you do
  • We help you see the data that’s most important
  • We teach you how to get the most benefit from your workplace management systems
  • We help to streamline your processes
  • We help you to lower costs, be agile, flexible and responsive


“Working with many clients over several sectors, MASS knows how to make projects succeed, but also why they fail. The key to ensuring successful implementation projects is to consider and optimise four vital elements: IT Infrastructure, Software, Data and People. These must be seen not in isolation, but more importantly how they interact and form part of a holistic, ‘joined-up’ whole. In short, MASS looks at the big picture and how-to achieve efficiencies, cost-savings and eliminate waste-the elements must be integrated and streamlined.”

Luke Bolt Managing Director


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