Our Products

MASS believe that optimising your Business Process Management Software and Workplace Processes to create a consistently positive Customer Experience is the key to creating long term customer loyalty and financial growth. Our criteria for product selection focusses on this belief. We focus on customer experience, whether our customers, your customers, your employees or suppliers. Our carefully curated products serve that purpose.

We understand companies need powerful business process management software solutions to understand and empower them in managing facilities. Facilities are integral to every part of business operations—from enabling productivity and efficiency, to cutting costs and reducing waste. To get the insights they need, businesses rely on Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solutions and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) alongside complementary software and products that integrate and work well.

Our Products

archibus logo

MASS are a certified reseller of  ARCHIBUS, the leading Integrated Workplace Management System.

Archibus is an industry-leading software solution that provides employees the tools they need to manage how, when, and where they work. Utilise Archibus to reimagine workplaces with actionable data and set sound real estate strategies now and in the future.

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MASS are a reseller for InVentry, market leaders in contractor management and staff monitoring solutions.

One of the best security solutions for businesses is InVentry. With a full-featured integrated visitor access system, you can always see exactly who has entered your building at any given moment.

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MASS are resellers of Facile – an app that allows for easy, effective and efficient space and portfolio optimisation.

The Facile app cleverly connects your teams and workspaces to fit the new ways of working providing data that can help your long term cost saving goals.

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gravity logo

MASS are a platinum reseller of Gravity, a Workplace Management System (WMS) which is uniquely founded on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) principles.

Gravity works on a connected, modular system, giving users the opportunity to tap into and regularly adjust the work processes required to match their unique business requirements, both today and into the future.

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Our Services

Space & Data

The source of a centralised system is consistent and valid data. This is the starting point for any project. Without good data, how do you know where you are? Without knowing where you are, how do you plot to route to where you are going?

mass services - implementation and integration

Implementation & Integration

We have implemented solutions for hundreds of clients over a thirty year period. These range from standard off-the-shelf single problem solutions through to full scale CAFM/IWMS solutions, developing and customising elements to suit business requirements.

Technical Support

Unlike the vast majority of technical support packages, enjoy complete peace of mind with MASS. Our technical support package is all inclusive, there are no extra costs and we don’t charge an hourly rate.


The MASS team are able to offer remote or onsite training for our products and are available to talk through what training would suit you best.


Across these elements you can benefit from our experience and knowledge of understanding the complexities of business process management software with the right technology. We offer an array of consulting services building on the understanding of data, analysing business process, aligning to strategic priorities, managing change and recommending solutions for process as well as technology.