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We believe your success centres on your client experience and everything we do helps positively impact that experience. We know that if you have an easy to use software package that users buy into and use – get the most out of it. Your staff need to buy into the software. Giving a good experience to your employees is paramount.

What is Archibus?

Archibus provides employees the tools they need to manage how, when, and where they work. 

Utilise Archibus to reimagine workplaces with actionable data and set sound real estate strategies now and in the future. Archibus is designed to provide visibility into the core facility operations that keep workplaces up and running reliably including real estate, infrastructure, building, asset, and project data. Using Archibus, facility managers have the insights and resources they need to affect change that translates to efficiencies and improvements for employees and the company.

Facilities and physical infrastructure management is a critical business function.  Comprising 25 to 50 percent of a company’s fixed assets and operating costs, facilities and infrastructure are significant resources that must be efficiently managed in order for a business to succeed in a globally competitive market.

Instead of tracking facilities as a static asset, Archibus can take what would be disparate data and create synergies to transform facilities into workspaces that perform. For example, space utilisation can combine floorplans and HR information to help reduce bottom-line costs and improve top-line revenue through increased employee productivity, attraction, and retention.

Archibus is central to the workplace optimization movement. In the era of intelligent buildings, non-traditional workplaces, flex work, and conscious workplace design, Archibus is the great enabler for companies that want to make the workplace the best it can be for employees.

With the Archibus solution, organisations of all sizes – spanning sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, government, and manufacturing — reduce their infrastructure and facilities-related costs by making informed decisions that optimize return-on-investment and lower asset life-cycle costs. Moreover, efficient management of the facility and infrastructure provides a comfortable work environment that ultimately increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

The Archibus business solutions provide directed, best-practice methods for handling the complete range of facilities and infrastructure functions.  These solutions run within a unique environment that fuses database, CAD, spreadsheet, Web, document management, and workflow features into a cohesive whole. The entire application suite is wholly integrated, driven from a data dictionary, and can be configured to reflect your own business practices.

Key features

MASS offer Archibus as a cloud solution in partnership with the Archibus Solution Centre – Hosting Services. Archibus puts a wide array of vital tools into the hands of workplace administrators and facility managers, which allow them to affect change across all aspects of the workplace. Archibus’ core areas of focus include:

  • Space management: tools to identify opportunities for better space utilisation, while also tracking occupancy and usage.
  • Building maintenance: building maintenance tools to ensure proper upkeep of systems, whether in-house or as part of an integrated facility management approach. This includes support ticketing and capital systems maintenance.
  • Risk management. Waste management, emergency preparedness, compliance, and more are all paramount in keeping the workplace safe and comfortable for employees. Archibus makes risk management simple by offering convenient tools to track and mitigate hazards.
  • Sustainability management. Track and monitor energy usage, green building elements, waste, and more, to promote a workplace that’s aligned with the Triple Bottom Line. Archibus sustainability tools ensure the workplace aligns with people, profits, and the planet.
  • Workplace services. From room reservations and hoteling to centralised help desk responses, Archibus makes it easy to find stability in the dynamic environment of the modern workplace. Space reservation and desk booking enable everything from hot desking to flex work, so employees can create their own work experience.
  • Capital project management. As companies seek to bring improvements to the workplace, Archibus helps manage capital projects—from construction timelines to cost allocations. When the time comes to make a reinvestment in the workplace, businesses will know exactly how much it costs and where those costs get billed.
  • Property and asset management. Facilities need to be functional and accommodating. Archibus provides the data and insights necessary to make property and asset management decisions that result in benefit to both employees and the organisation.

As facility managers face greater demands to cultivate a productive, efficient, mindful workplace, Archibus’ many tools and features become increasingly important in connecting workplace with mission.

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Benefits of using Archibus

Archibus allows you to tap into the benefits that make a workplace so vital to company operation

Reduce real estate footprint – optimise your estates usage by consolidating any wasted space

Planning for the future – visualise occupancy scenarios, tweaking and manipulating until  the ideal scenario is found

A powerful suite of tools – Archibus gives companies a full suite of powerful tools they can use to craft the workplace their employees need

MASS offer Archibus as a cloud solution in partnership with the Archibus Solution Centre – Hosting Services. Benefit from a variety of support packages to ensure a fully optimised solution, suited best to your environment. We have long-standing relationships with our client’s, where we act as trusted advisors to deploy and manage their facilities software needs. We get to know them really well and get really embedded within their technology. We help guide clients through a variety of platforms to best suit their needs and our technical team are on hand to help them throughout the process. Our team are good at what they do, have vast experience and are ready to help you work out exactly what you need, deliver what you need to time – and also make sure they impart knowledge to your team so you use the software efficiently and effectively. Over time, as your organisation grows and you begin to expand the activities, you can easily scale up your deployment of Archibus.

Contact our team to see how we can help your organisation.

MASS offer a wealth of support for Archibus see here for further information. Selecting an IWMS and then updating your software will breathe new life and possibilities into your systems.

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MASS are also proud to be a Member of the independent Archibus Business Partners Consortium.