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We believe your success centres on your client experience and everything we do helps positively impact that experience. We know that if you have an easy to use software package that users buy into and use – get the most out of it. Your staff need to buy into the software. Giving a good experience to your employees is paramount.

MASS are resellers of Facile Application. Our clients have seen huge benefits in using Facile – an app that allows for easy, effective and efficient space and portfolio optimisation at a really good price! You’ll benefit from cost savings you can then refocus. 

The Facile app cleverly connects your teams and workspaces to fit the new ways of working, which is why we are so thrilled to be working with the Facile team.

Are you interested in tracking the building occupancy rates and benchmark across multiple locations, buildings, and workspace in real time? Facile helps in long term cost saving goals.

Application Benefits:

The Facile application boasts many benefits including:  improving employee retention and engagement, data driven portfolio optimisation, setting optimal working conditions, managing hybrid working environments, designing clean and healthy work spaces. Want to know more? Click to read here

The Facile application is built by PROCOS Group. Their talented team has over 30 years of experience in helping clients build the right physical, digital and human working environment.

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In today’s dynamic and people-oriented working environment, Facile is a perfect solution for anyone looking to manage their teams to optimise their time and space to maximise productivity.


  • Hybrid working: Adapting your working environment to meet the new workforce requirements is becoming increasingly challenging as new ways of working accelerate this development.

In a hybrid, activity-based working environment, employees are empowered to create a perfect workday that fits their professional as well as their personal lives. This drive offers a unique opportunity for engagement and retention. When employees have control over their workday, they are happier, absenteeism is reduced, resulting in higher staff retention.

By providing people with the option of selecting a workspace that fits their professional requirements and the job at hand, we enable them to work when and where they are most productive. By investing in Facile, you can easily reserve desks, conference rooms, restaurant seats, fitness centres, parking spaces, and arrival times with the Facile app on your own smartphone. This is extremely convenient.

In order to meet the demands of today’s employees, organisations must provide employees with both the means and autonomy to navigate the dynamics of activity-based working. Facile helps organisations achieve bottom-up organisational efficiency and a loyal and productive workforce.

  • Real Estate Management: As the average company spends 2.5% of its revenue on real estate, these costs and expenses can accumulate to vast amounts, many organisations are also faced with an excess of expensive, yet unused space due to the rise of working from home. View our latest blog on space optimisation here: Mass | Is the return to the office working?

With Facile, you can track building occupancy rates in real-time and benchmark across multiple locations, buildings, and workspaces, helping you to keep your real estate portfolio resilient and future-proof. This constant flow of usage data allows for dynamic predictions of future capacity requirements. This enables you to adapt your real estate footprint to the ever-changing demands of the new normal as well as align it with your corporate goals.

By eliminating, reducing, or repurposing expensive and underused space, organisations can significantly reduce their real estate costs by dynamically optimising their real estate footprint.

  • Disperse Teams: As remote working becomes more prevalent; the office might not exist anymore. The challenge with hybrid environments, however, is that they disperse teams throughout time and space and create gaps between teams.

It is important that your modern work environment provides workers with a good reason to come to work, and they can contribute efficiently and effectively to team meetings both from home and the office.

Accurate capacity and utilisation data is needed to help manage this. The Facile app offers real-time insight into the interactions between your workforce and their workspace. By continuously improving workspace performance and spreading demand throughout the workweek, you can eliminate attendance spikes, ensuring when in the office – they have the space they need to collaborate.

Facile lets you find a balance between flexible spaces, private areas, and collaborative spaces. By customising your office space to meet changing needs, you can take advantage of unused office space while simultaneously improving the workplace experience. Benefit also from cost reduction.

  • Workplace management: Assuring a safe working environment requires compliance with government regulations, ensuring safe distance, preventing too many people from gathering in one place, and keeping track of who has been in contact with whom.

Through its revolutionary dynamics team planning function, Facile helps you manage, support, and re-unite your teams. By incorporating team preferences, managerial needs, proximity and usage patterns into its AI engine, the clever AI engine simplifies team planning in hybrid environments. Your team leaders can use it to manage attendance, composition, and interaction to get the best results from their teams. Take advantage of highly collaborative, self-directed teams without losing control.

  • Workplace safety: To ensure a safe working environment, comply with government regulations, prevent crowding, and know who has been in contact with whom.

Using the facile app, you can share safety announcements and guidelines easily, manage attendance and social distancing, and ensure the privacy of your people and guests. With the shift planner, you can easily manage arrival times and prevent crowding in communal areas while also organising contact tracing in case of infection and scale up and down to suit current safety regulations. Set your workspace capacity to comply with current safety regulations.

Maintain clean workstations and meeting rooms by following activity-based cleaning guidelines floorplans and lists clearly identify which desks have been used, so the cleaning team knows where to concentrate. Keeping your employees safe and healthy reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. By thoroughly cleaning used desks, there is more time to thoroughly clean them.

There is a lot to discover with Facile and we would love to arrange a demo for you.

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