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Here we will put up white papers that are relevant to MASS and what we are involved in.

Carbon Reduction Plan Template

Carbon Reduction Plan Template


Supplier name: ……MASS Information Systems


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A Guide to Deciding What is Best for Your Agency

Options for Unoccupied Spaces: A Guide to Deciding What is Best for Your Agency view document

Have You Looked at Archibus Lately?

You’re in for a Real Treat.

Archibus was the first IWMS on the market and the last workplace management solution you’ll ever need. The open platform IWMS is always evolving to address customers’ unique business requirements and objectives, as well as the latest industry trends. 

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Archibus: Whatever Your Challenge, We Have a Solution

Workplace and Facilities Management Solutions from SpaceIQ

Seeking to create a global leader in workplace management, Archibus, Serraview, and SiQ came together to create SpaceIQ in May 2020. And their mission is simple: help businesses of all sizes reach their full potential by creating great workplaces.


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Making the Transition to Enterprise Asset Management

ARCHIBUS white paper - 'Making the Transition to Enterprise Asset Management' view document

Mine The Gap

ARCHIBUS white paper - ‘Mine the Gap’  view document

We are recruiting! Digital Marketing Co-ordinator 23/09/2022

MASS are recruiting - Digital Marketing Co-ordinator
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