Transport Booking


The ARCHIBUS Web Central architecture is such that the platform is eminently customisable. Which means it is now much easier to rapidly develop specific applications that address more niche requirements of Facilities and Estates Management without having to buy complete extra modules.


Transport booking is one such ‘app’ that was created as an attachment built on top of the Building Operations Console that enables the allocation of drivers of various forms of transport.


This application would be of particular interest to the transport department of a health trust, scheduling ambulances or other transportation.





Saves money as it does not require an extra application that may not get fully utilised to justify the expense.


Identifies and improves performance through SLA’s.


Provides a database of asset usage that can be used to fine tune operations and optimise usage.


It is very intuitive and straightforward to use.







As an ‘app’ it is very simple to set up and use by all.


Using the Building Operations Console as a platform accelerates the payback of the application that is otherwise in use for on-demand and preventative maintenance.


The app has been specifically written for booking drivers and vehicles and can be further customised to more closely meet your requirements.


SLA’s are generated and managed and only visible to the correct ‘Roles’.














Technical Specifications -

Building Operations Console/Module ARCHIBUS  21.3





Based on the building operations console, that works by managing the on-demand work requests (created as a result of problems seen and reported) and the preventative maintenance work requests (created routinely to manage assets that need work done on them periodically). You can also use a button at the top right to create work requests, which will take you to a report form and from there you fill out the pertinent details.


The Transport Booking application changes this part of the building operations console, as does what can be filtered for. For those with the correct role the ‘report problem’ button changes to become ‘book a driver’. From here the form will change so that it allows you to fill out the requisite details for the type of transport you want to book, where from, where to and at what time.


The transport types are all recorded as problem types by the system and it is this that allows SLA’s to be used to govern their workflow as well as make sure certain roles will only ever see the information that pertains to them.









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