A quick tool designed by MASS for Legionella/condition assessment that creates reports from the results of inspection tests run by the organisation.





  • For organisations that are required to run condition assessment tests on their equipment, there are inspections that will be taken periodically on the equipment being used. 
  • From these inspection tests, you will have either a pass, fail or not performed result of the inspections. Due to the number of tests that are done, users often simply require a snapshot of the results themselves. These scorecards provide a snapshot that only allows users to see the results of the inspections, rather than having to go through the entire inspection itself to identify the end result.
  • A quick snapshot of condition assessment results, meaning no time taken to drill through the resultant data
  • A filter allows for easy restriction and management of visible data.
  • The software is simple and easy to use and therefore requires little to no training, allowing users to immediately start realising the benefits of this tool.


  • An added view that takes the results of condition assessment tests that are run by the company and produces them in one place for easy collation and understanding of the information produced.



Technical Specifications -

  • Version 21 or higher of Archibus




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