Readymade SLA Reports


Cost Effective Facilities Management requires properly defined and managed Service Level Agreements


ARCHIBUS Building Operations Management applications enable users to define almost any report they can think of from the database – but it takes time!


The consultants at Mass have developed six of the most common reports you will need to improve the visibility of SLA’s within your organisation.


Saving you time and money from the moment they are installed!



Readymade SLA Reports delivers:

  • Money Savings - Detailed audit trail for SLA Negotiation
  • Improved productivity - Improves root cause analysis
  • Better Management Reports - Focussed SLA reporting
  • Proactive tuning - Reveals failing resources






  • The advantage of the views in this package is that it allows the client to filter down to specific work requests by a broad term faster than if they were to try and use the BOMS  Console and thus can be used to streamline the use of web central for the client.
  • Money Savings - The views in this package allow you to filter down to specific work requests which facilitates the easy reporting on specific resources or assets. A detailed audit trail  simplifies SLA Negotiations


  • Improved productivity - The ability to easily report on resources and assets improves the ease of root cause analysis saving time and money.
  • Better Management Reports  - Effective Management decisions require accurate focussed reporting delivered.
  • Proactive tuning - The ability to quickly and easily raise reports on the active elements in building operations and management provides a platform to optimise resources and assets.


Technical Requirements -

  • ARCHIBUS 21.3 or later   
  • Building Operations Module



  • Briefly speaking an SLA, (Service Level Agreement) is a set of rules and procedures that can be customised and created to govern how a work request is processed by the software. Something as simple as the work request being requested, assigned, worked on and notifications being sent to the correct people is all decided by an SLA.
  • The reports created are a method of filtering the number of work requests that exist within your database down to the specific ones you want to look at.
  • There are 6 views that are inserted into the Building operations tab within Web Central. They are:
  • A summary report of work requests
  • A summary report of work requests by a craftsperson
  • Then there are 4 reports that specifically look into the SLA’s that govern the work requests process within ARCHIBUS.




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