External Document Viewer


A useful time-saving utility created by MASS that allows ARCHIBUS users to view any external documents in web central that are placed in a specified file on their computer.





  • An important aspect of system design is to ensure that access to the source folder for        ARCHIBUS web central is limited. As such it isn’t always possible for users to make key documents visible within the web central product. Using the external document viewer utility means that the documents you want to be able to put up on web central can become accessible by simply placing them in a folder on your pc. This allows for existing security procedures to remain in place whilst allowing defined ARCHIBUS users to be able to put documents up on the web central product without the compromise of security.
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for the upload of documents to web central without a compromise of security


  • With this small customisation, a user/manager of web central can upload documents to web central via a local file on the user's machine


Technical Specifications -

  • Version 21 or higher of ARCHIBUS





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