EZ Roles


EZ Roles is a package of files that is installed onto an ARCHIBUS Web Central instance, and enables you to create roles that are more specific and extensive, and more accurately reflect your workflows and organisational standards. Roles are the way that levels of security within Web Central are assigned to users within an organisation.

Say for example you need users to be able to log work requests but you don’t want to give them access to anything other than the ability to do that, then you would register their user profile as having a role that will only give them that specific access. EZ-Roles allows system administrators to easily assign Service Desk Roles based on a number of criteria without having to write or recompile a single line of Java.



  • Saves money - Avoids downtime and stalled progress
  • Increases Flexibility - Facilitates easy reassignment of sign-off levels
  • Increased Security - Better defined roles eliminates ‘back door’ access
 Image 1: Original role creation screen



Image 2: EZ Roles creation screen







  • Saves money - All to often a Role will be defined  for someone to have the authority to sign off works, and more than occasionally that person may not be available due to sickness, holiday, etc. But you don’t want to create a duplicate Role. With EZ-Roles helps you avoid these bottlenecks by enabling more closely defined user’s reach to include such exceptions.
  • Increases Flexibility - The ability to easily reconfigure Roles means that administrators can quickly and easily integrate staff and contractors across the full spectrum of  building operations  and change Roles to reflect external changes.
  • Increased Security - By not being restricted to a set of  limited  Roles you are no assigning unnecessary authorities and so leaving ‘back door’ access to otherwise restricted data.



Technical Requirements -

  • ARCHIBUS 18.2 or later
  • Buildings Operations Module




  • Service Desk Roles are a powerful configuration option when defining SLAs for Service Desk and On Demand Work.  However, because of their complexity, they generally need Java coding in order to be configured.  The EZ Roles utility allows an implementer to set up Service Desk Roles based on a number of criteria without having to write or recompile a single line of Java. 


  • The utility adds 5 fields to the database to store these criteria and a new form to the navigator for using the tool.   The EZ Roles tool doesn’t involve coding Java, but SD Roles are still a complicated topic, so it is recommended to read through this document carefully.


  • This utility was developed in version 20.2 with a SQL Server database, but has been tested in versions as old as 18.2 and as new as 21.1, as well as with Oracle.  There may be slight display differences on the form across versions, but the core functionality should work between 18.2 and 21.1.



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