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In most organisations, infrastructure expense often represents an organisation’s second largest expense after personnel. The information captured in an IWMS system can be beneficial to decision makers at an organisation because of the detail it provides concerning building and property assets.


Top level managers and executives need to accurately see how these assets affect their bottom line in order to properly manage infrastructure costs. While information like capital expenses by country or region is invaluable to an executive, the price of a one-time fix to an air conditioning unit is not.


Therefore, being able to summarise or “roll-up” detailed asset-related expenses to high-level reports and present them on one page is a key factor in helping executives may quick and informed decisions. Executives often have minutes, not days, for making key business decisions, so being able to quickly identify asset related expenses and liabilities could mean the difference in millions, even 100s of millions, of dollars.


ARCHIBUS Web Central provides the tools for setting up dashboard processes that contain multiple views, allowing a single user access to multiple summary reports on a single Web page.




 Mass can help by quickly developing dashboards to enable wide and varied access to dashboards that provide immediate specific information across your organisation. Alternatively, they can train you to devise your own dashboards and be on hand to provide help when you don’t have time to do it yourself.






  • Secure access is given to users to easily access the information in the format that best suits their requirements when they need it.
  • There is no lengthy training necessary for users to access the exact information they need.
  • Operating controls and the system database are kept well away from casual users giving them access only to what they need.
  • The more users accessing information on the ARCHIBUS database the faster the system pays for itself and contributes to the effective running of your organisation.





  • Using the View Definition Wizard users are able to fine-tune views intended for display on a dashboard.
  • Dashboard activities are activities that have Web Dashboard processes assigned to them. ARCHIBUS includes predefined dashboard activities, such as AbDashboardExecutive, and     AbDashboardStaff.
  • These activities are placeholders for which you can define a layout and add views using the Dashboard Definition Wizard.
  • Certain application activities, such as the Building Operations' Service Desk activity and the Real Property Portfolio Management's Portfolio Administration activity have predefined dashboards that come with default views.
  • Lastly, the introduction of the ‘Page Navigation’ browsing style in version 21 marked a significant shift from the traditional navigation styles of the ‘Process Navigator’ and the ‘Dashboard’.
  • The Page Navigation carries with it many capabilities in appearance, access, Content and analysis, which arguably transformed the way ARCHIBUS processes and presents data.
  • Nonetheless, the dashboard navigation style possesses its own advantages namely designing an individual, auto-loading, screen with multiple, pre-defined views, which allows users to review and interact with their most used tools directly at their fingertips.
  • Remember, Dashboard views can be opened and work best when coupled with the Process Navigator versus the Page Navigation viewing style.






Technical Requirements -

  • Functionality included in most recent versions of ARCHIBUS Web Central








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