Users' Needs

“Experience has shown that users are the most important factor affecting the implementation success of fully optimised solutions and positive change management.”  


MASS' wealth of experience has shown that users are the most important factor affecting the implementation success of fully optimised solutions. The reason for this is that users provide the critical link between Information Technology and Information Systems:  ‘Data to Information, Information to Knowledge, Knowledge to Action, Action to Results.’


To ensure that users within a solution are being optimised, we have a number of specialised training courses and people related services that have been supplied to great success on all of our clients' sites.


In order to evaluate the level of user knowledge, MASS engages all its clients in an annual MOT (Methods or Training) programme to broadly assess:


  • Knowledge
  • Capability
  • Buy-in

The level of basic skill and understanding can be analysed here and therefore anything that needs to be corrected can be done so through training or mentoring. MASS is a professionally accredited training organisation within both the Archibus and AutoCAD product range and also offers a range of other IT professional training courses, which are held at our Wokingham based Training Centre in the UK. MASS can, in addition, offer in-house training at our clients' premises. We endeavour to provide the highest quality programmes (including Personal Development training courses) for our clients by working with our clients to assess their specific needs. Further, if any resource gaps are identified, our clients have found that by engaging the Resourcing Business Unit any vacant positions can be filled by personnel with the prerequisite knowledge and skills capability already to hand.

We assist our clients in the management of People Related Services through:

  • MOT (Methods or Training)
  • Provision of Training Courses
  • Mentoring and Support
  • Resourcing

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