Meet Mass!

Meet everyone here at Mass...



The Management Team -                            

David Bolt Chairman

Years of Service - 26 Years


  Luke Bolt - Managing Director 

  Years of Service - 15 Years

  Read more about Luke in our December 2016 edition of MASS Media




Tracy Knight - Office Manager, PA to Chairman

Years of Service - 11 Years

Read more about Tracy in our April 2016 edition of MASS Media




Paul Munro - Sales Manager

Years of Service - 6 Years

Read more about Paul in our August 2016 edition of MASS Media




Martin Matt - Technical Director

Years of Service - 19 Years

Read more about Martin in our April 2017 edition of MASS Media



The Techincal Team - 

Andrew Taylor - Senior Technical Engineer

Years of Service - 26 Years

Read more about Andrew in our April 2018 edition of MASS Media


Callum Doyle - Technical Support Engineer

Years of Service - 2 Years

Read more about Callum in our August 2017 edition of MASS Media



Poornima Katyal - Application Support 

Years of Service - 1<


Symon Turner - Application Support

Years of Service - 1<






Sales and Accounts Team - 


Alison Dent - Accounts Assistant 

Years of Service - <1

Read more about Alison in our December 2017 edition of MASS Media







Ravi Girn - Sales Account Manager

Years of Service - 1<








Marketing Team - 

Eve Feeney - Events and Marketing Manager 

Years of Service - 3 Years

Read more about Eve in our April 2018 edition of MASS Media

Enterprise Asset Management: 3D Navigator and Asset Registration Console 14/11/2018

In this blog I will talk about the Enterprise Asset Management Application. I thought I would share with you two specific aspects in the application: the 3D Navigator in the Equipment Sys...
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