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This is where our latest MASS Media's are uploaded. Throughout the years it's been re-designed and it gets better and better every time. We run three editions a year now...MASS Media gives insight on the latest trends and information from the world of Facilities Management, on our events, and even getting to know our staff and clients. If you have any questions or require further information, do not hesitate to email us at

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MASS Media 2016 January Issue

In this first edition of MASS Media 2016, we look to the new year, while reflecting on the last. We discuss how implementing the ARCHIBUS system has helped Coleg Gwent and we look at the new features of the latest version of ARCHIBUS, V22...

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MASS Media 2015 October Issue

In this latest MASS Media edition of 2015 we are traveling ‘Back to the Future’! We will be focusing upon the recent successes of 2015, through a detailed case study by the Science Museum, as well as outlining where the future lies in terms of BIM and beyond.


We are not only looking back over the recent User Groups successes but also towards our future events calendar for 2016.

We hope you enjoy reading this latest MASS Media edition.

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MASS Media July 2015 Issue

With summer looming large and the promise of temperatures soaring through the 30’s on the first day of July, it seems an   appropriate time to hide in the shade and reflect upon what has been over the past  six months and what is yet to come.

In this half-year issue we will be looking at ideas to help our clients achieve success in their current FM projects and review some of the outstanding achievement and progress that have been made during the six months.


We hope you find this issue both informative and entertaining.


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MASS Media April 2015 Issue

Spring is a time of change and new growth.


This issue focuses on using the right tools creatively and ARCHIBUS v21.3 offers even more flexibility for users to realise solutions that are business led rather than software tool constrained.

No longer the esoteric tool locked away in the estates and facilities department, now anyone in the organisation can access information over the web or via their preferred application through ARCHIBUS Connector technology.

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MASS Media January 2015

This edition completes our first full annual circuit of the New MASS Media publication, which proved to be not only a great resource throughout 2014 for sharing and promoting client success, but has also developed into a key community resource in its own right.


In this issue, we look at Andrew Dar's take on current software  development techniques that platform ARCHIBUS  Web Central and the benefits they bring


A case study from The University of Edinburgh and how they are using ARCHIBUS


And one of our helpful blogs - Cost, Benefits and Risk


Also including an announcement of our ARCHIBUS Roadshow in Copenhagen, Denmark, this March

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MASS Media October 2014 Issue

In this issue, we go over some of the highlights from our ARCHIBUS user group in St.Andrews and the London Science museum.

We also cover how the University of Arts has made ARCHIBUS fit to their needs successfully.

We explain the benifits of Standardised testing.

We discuss how the mobile Space Management tool can help you to 'cut your coat to suit your cloth'.

And we also give tips of using Revit within ARCHIBUS.

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The changing the World and us. 25/03/2020

In my last blog I talked about the potential future of technology with IOT and how technology is bringing us together despite living across the globe from each other. Since then though th...
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