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This is where our latest MASS Media's are uploaded. Throughout the years it's been re-designed and it gets better and better every time. We run three editions a year now...MASS Media gives insight on the latest trends and information from the world of Facilities Management, on our events, and even getting to know our staff and clients. If you have any questions or require further information, do not hesitate to email us at

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MASS Media April 2020 Issue

It’s a casual Thursday afternoon, just after lunchtime and I find myself sitting in my garden at home. I’m enjoying some unusually quiet, clear blue, hot sunny skies, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt whilst refamiliarizing myself with the last MASS Media Edition of 2019. 


In the meantime, MASS is here to support all our client Data Managers and NHS Clients through this difficult,
unprecedented, period of national crisis.










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MASS Media December 2019 Issue

Welcome to the Christmas 2019 Edition of MASS Media!

At the time of writing, we are still in a state of pre-election stasis and so I continue with some trepidation,
knowing that the political landscape will certainly be different at the time of issue.












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MASS Media August 2019

Welcome to the Summer Edition of MASS Media. Another July heatwave means that we poignantly lead this edition with a detailed look at how CAFM can be used as a tool to both reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint, and help to manage the consequences of our increasingly warm summers.













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MASS Media April 2019

At the time of writing this Spring edition of MASS Media we find ourselves drowning in a BREXIT melodrama. A key frustration for both the public and their Parliamentary representatives alike is trying to ascertain exactly what ‘a vote for Brexit’ really means. Of course, a binary choice taken 3 years ago is never going to provide any definitive answers with which to work from. In this respect, Brexit has at least served to exemplify some of the fundamental reasons for project failure.











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MASS Media December 2018 Issue

IT’S CHRISTMAS!! Shouts Noddy Holder from the radio, again, as if stuck in a wintery Groundhog Day from 1973. ALREADY? Surely not? We all mutter to  ourselves, feigning disappointment with our head in our hands. It’s still only once a year isn’t it?? And of course, it is, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that each year swings around at an ever-increasing rate of festive knots.


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MASS Media August 2018 Issue

Welcome to the Summer Edition of MASS Media. And what an endless Summer we have enjoyed! There is always a certain collectiveness that comes about every four years when the football World cup suddenly envelopes everything during the opening month of summer. For the England supporters, it was certainly a fun journey that lasted unexpectedly longer than past performances would have suggested. 

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We are recruiting! Digital Marketing Co-ordinator 23/09/2022

MASS are recruiting - Digital Marketing Co-ordinator
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