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This is where our latest MASS Media's are uploaded. Throughout the years it's been re-designed and it gets better and better every time. We run three editions a year now...MASS Media gives insight on the latest trends and information from the world of Facilities Management, on our events, and even getting to know our staff and clients. If you have any questions or require further information, do not hesitate to email us at

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MASS Media December 2018 Issue

IT’S CHRISTMAS!! Shouts Noddy Holder from the radio, again, as if stuck in a wintery Groundhog Day from 1973. ALREADY? Surely not? We all mutter to  ourselves, feigning disappointment with our head in our hands. It’s still only once a year isn’t it?? And of course, it is, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that each year swings around at an ever-increasing rate of festive knots.


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MASS Media August 2018 Issue

Welcome to the Summer Edition of MASS Media. And what an endless Summer we have enjoyed! There is always a certain collectiveness that comes about every four years when the football World cup suddenly envelopes everything during the opening month of summer. For the England supporters, it was certainly a fun journey that lasted unexpectedly longer than past performances would have suggested. 

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MASS Media April 2018 Issue

Welcome to the Spring Edition of MASS Media. I am sure that many of our readers have been welcoming in the recent switch over to British Summer Time; hoping that it will signal a more temperate change in conditions, away from the snow that has befallen much of the country over the past few weeks.

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MASS Media December 2017 Issue

Each year when the time comes to writing my opening gambit for our MASS Media Christmas Edition I am forcibly reminded of the goals, objectives, ideas and promises that were put forward 12 months previously. 

New Year resolutions, like Rebellions, are built on hope.  

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MASS Media August 2017 Issue

The year is 1992 and following an April General  Election the Conservative Party, under John Major, wins a Parliamentary majority, despite notable gains being made by the reemerging Labour party. 

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MASS Media April 2017 Issue

Winter is now over and we are gearing up for Spring to welcome back the leaves on trees and increasing hours of sunlight. The days begin to get longer, the temperature warms up and the plants start blossoming in time for Summer. The interesting thing is, when does Spring start? 

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Self-service and Outlook Integration 20/03/2019

Our blog this week deals with integration between ARCHIBUS’ new self-service interface and Outlook. You can expect to see this interface in the V.24.1 release of ARCHIBUS.
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