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Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a concern to all organizations. A workplace that does not attend to its employee’s welfare is prone not just to accidents, loss of productivity and decreased employee’s morale but also opens itself to costly penalties imposed through individual lawsuits or government regulators. Therefore, a prime goal of many organizations is to reduce the cost, risk, time and complexity of ensuring that safety regulations and requirements are followed.


Many times, in our global economy, employers need to meet global, federal, state and local workplace health and safety requirements by ensuring that employees are adequately trained and protected. Having a well-trained staff decreases risk and regulatory violations – thus avoiding incidents, costly safety violation fines and penalties.


These programs can be complex and time-consuming. Compliance with WHS regulation can also be called for audits at any time and so convenient access to the efficacy of the programs is paramount. By automating the WHS compliance programs with ARCHIBUS, employers can leverage existing facilities data such as space and equipment inventory, floor plans and GIS mapping, save time and increase operational efficiencies by reducing the manual effort required to managing a safety program.

This webinar will be done in a similar fashion to how we have before via GoToMeeting. Those that sign up for this webinar will be sent all details on how to join closer to the event.


You should have received an invitation for this one but if not you can view it here on our Organiser Profile HERE


Archibus Compliance application V25.3 02/12/2020

Organisations around the world are subject to a vast array of local, regional, national, and international laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities. ...
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