EDGE: Build Webinar 2017

All sessions of the FREE webinar will be published using GoToMeeting. Webinars will include recorded Camtasia footage and live chat from all the team.


There will be the opportunity to receive discounts for our MASS events in the conclusion of these FREE Webinar sessions and a chance to leave feedback online.


The next EDGE webinar will go through key fundamental tasks that ARCHIBUS power users and System Admins have to consider. The aim of these sessions is to build on your existing knowledge and demonstrate how you can enhance your ARCHIBUS user experience so you can get more from your organisations ARCHIBUS implementation.


Each session will be 45minutes approximately, this time includes set up and Q&A time.




1. Session 1, 10am: Callum Doyle and Emma Rayner - Understanding the Building Operations SLA Workflow. For both On Demand and Preventive Maintenance.


- Navigation to manage a SLA screen

- A run through of an existing SLA

- Description of a typical workflow that any client may use

- Creation of a new SLA form from scratch using Building and Problem types as the triggers



2. Session 2, 1pm: Shivangi Agarwal and Stephen Stedman -Creating new views within ARCHIBUS Web Central using the View Definition Wizard and then publishing them for your users.


How do views realte to Roles and Users?

- Navigation steps to the options on the Administrator screen

- A run through of an interactive drill down report

- A run through of an Edit form

- A run through of creating a chart



3. Session 3, 3pm: Callum Doyle and Shivangi Agarwal - Managing ARCHIBUS users and controlling what they can see using Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA) and managing Roles and Processes.


- Brief overview of what makes up an ARCHIBUS Role

- Navigating to the options in the Administrator Screen

- A run through of creating a test User

- A brief discussion of creating craftspeople and how this screencan be used to add AFM Users

- Adding a VPA restriction of building agaisnt the new User

- How can VPA options can be assigned to roles?

- Creating a full test account



These sessions will give attendees a taste of the types of topics that we will be covering during EDGE: Build where we will be focussing on enabling customer’s power users to build theirknowledge of their ARCHIBUS implementations…



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