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Commissioning Webinar

Acutely mindful of both the benefits and the risks, commissioning agents endeavor to deliver a superior commissioning process for their organisations. However, they are stymied by the lack of efficient electronic communication between design, construction and commissioning. The Revit design models are separate from the Navisworks construction information. Shop drawings are never uploaded. COBIE spreadsheets require manual steps to produce and must be manually exported after each and every change to any piece of information. The commissioning process becomes effort intensive and error prone. read more

Compliance Webinar

Organisations around the world are subject to a vast array of local, regional, national, and international laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities. Organisations might also have internal programs and policies that they need to manage. Tracking these requirements is a complex task given the large number of requirements! read more

Maintenance & Compliance Webinar V.25.3

Within this webinar we will be covering: - Maintenance: Checklists, built on the Extended Questionnaires system - Compliance: Extended Questionnaires UI Update read more

Returning to work with Archibus V.25.2

Planning to safely welcome employees back to the office is a concern for all facility managers. Find out how Archibus V.25.2 can support you. read more

Health & Safety Webinar

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a concern to all organizations. A workplace that does not attend to its employee’s welfare is prone not just to accidents, loss of productivity and decreased employee’s morale but also opens itself to costly penalties imposed through individual lawsuits or government regulators. read more

Compliance Webinar

Following from recent interest from MASS Clients in relation to Compliance within ARCHIBUS, we propose to run a Webinar session! read more

Options for Unoccupied Spaces: A Guide to Deciding What is Best for Your Agency 16/11/2021

Should you Retain, Repurpose, or Vacate Your Space?
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