Operating as an ARCHIBUS and AutoCAD specialist, MASS Support is exceptionally equipped to advise on their various software products.  MASS Support has developed an online call logging system which can be accessed via our website. This enables customers, wherever they are, to log, track and complete all of their support calls, via the internet.    



MASS engages numerous support services, activities and partners to assist clients in ensuring that the IT infrastructure, from which their solution operates, is working to its optimal performance.

A provision for technical audits is available through our extensive support agreements and we also have a number of successful client systems operating within a hosted environment. We believe that all our service offerings help to identify potential areas for improvement and ensure that the compatibility, stability and speed of the IT infrastructure are not compromising the total solution. Therefore, engaging the MASS Support Team helps to ensure that software reliability is as high as possible and that the downtime is reduced to a minimum.


Through the addition of service days and upgrade services, our clients can ensure that their software is always providing them with access to the highest specification of functionality available. 

We assist our clients in the management of IT infrastructure through:


  • Hosted Solutions
  • Technical Audits
  • On and Off-site Support
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Service Days
  • Helpdesk Support Team

We are recruiting! Digital Marketing Co-ordinator 23/09/2022

MASS are recruiting - Digital Marketing Co-ordinator
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