MASS' Facilities Management Software Solutions  gives you the power to manage and control your organisation’s property, facilities and company assets. We are your vital connection to successful asset utilisation, legislative compliance and cost control. Over time, MASS has built up an unparalleled wealth of experience within the specification, development and delivery of functional, reliable and usable software solutions.




We have various software options available to meet the requirements of your organisation.


Whilst the software provides enablement, its success is highly dependent upon the management and control of the corresponding infrastructure, data and users that drive its operation. 


Through our extensive Support Agreements and experienced Delivery Team, our clients can always ensure that they have access to the latest upgrades and revisions as soon as they are released to the market place. In addition to this, engaging the Support Team helps to ensure that software reliability is as high as possible and that the down time is reduced to a minimum.


Through the addition of service days and upgrade services, our clients can ensure that their software is always providing them with access to the highest specification of functionality available. 


We assist our clients in the Provision of Facilities Management Software including:


  • AutoCAD
  • Revit Architecture

What’s new in 23.2? Compliance Management Part 1 18/07/2018

There have been quite a few significant changes delivered by ARCHIBUS 23.2 to bring ARCHIBUS in line with the changing world of business, and compliance management is one of the larger mo...
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