Core Services

MASS is an established leader in the provision of world-class computerised solutions for facilities estates, financial planning and project management. MASS' software development professionals have a wealth of experience in these areas, having successfully tailored cost-effective IT and facilities management services for businesses throughout the UK and Europe. Our team of highly skilled technical Facilities Management specialists can offer Facilities Management Solutions to virtually any industry or sector. Our attractive and comprehensive range of Facilities Management services encompasses planning and implementation, hosted solutions, AutoCAD drafting, and data and audit services.

We employ our wide-ranging ARCHIBUS and Facilities Management expertise to transform businesses and we are proud of our enviable track record of nurturing long-term relationships with satisfied clients. We have 6 main individual Business Units that are the secret to our success...

More than one way to skin a …! 20/09/2017

The earliest printed citation of this proverbial saying, that I can find, is in a short story by the American humourist Seba Smith - The Money Diggers, 1840: "There are more ways than one...
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