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MASS is the certified reseller of  ARCHIBUS UK, ARCHIBUS Nordic, AutoCAD and Revit Architecture.

Harness the power of Archibus through a secure, modern, and affordable SaaS platform. 

Facility management is one of the largest expenses an organisation will incur. Instead of tracking facilities as a static asset, an IWMS can take what would be disparate data and create synergies to transform facilities into workspaces that perform. For example, space utilisation can combine floorplans and HR information to help reduce bottom-line costs and improve top-line revenue through increased employee productivity, attraction, and retention.

MASS offer all the latest software of ARCHIBUS, including the latest version. We offer a variety of support packages to ensure a fully optimised solution, suited best to your environment. There are a variety of ARCHIBUS platforms to suit your needs and our technical team are on hand to help you throughout the process. Over time, as your organisation grows and you begin to expand the activities, you can easily scale up your deployment of ARCHIBUS.


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MASS are a reseller for Inventry, market leaders in contractor management and staff monitoring solutions. 



InVentry is a pioneer of sign in and visitor management systems and is trusted by over 7,000 organisations across the UK. Our system transforms the efficiency of entry into a building and provides secure digital data on every entry or exit; giving companies maximum traceability for staff, contractors and visitors. Their products are continuously developed in-house and provide a smart solution to site security and tracking - without compromising on the reliability and stability that customers demand of a front of house, mission critical system.



The InVentry sign in system is designed for staff, visitor and contractor management for a variety of different sectors.

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High security / data centres

Government and council


Training and event centres




Care homes


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MASS are resellers of Facile Application


The Facile app cleverly connects your teams and workspaces to fit the new ways of working, which is why we are so thrilled to be working with the Facile team.


The Facile application boasts many benefits including:  improving employee retention and engagement, data driven portfolio optimisation, setting optimal working conditions, managing hybrid working environments, designing clean and healthy work spaces. Want to know more? Click to read here

The Facile application is built by PROCOS Group. Their talented team has over 30 years of experience in helping clients build the right physical, digital and human working environment.


The power of an IWMS 03/08/2022

Facility Managers, Workplace Managers, and Real Estate are driven to optimise business operations, selecting the right software and team members to make all the difference.
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