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From sporty challenges to ARCHIBUS treasure hunts, we are always keeping busy in and out of the office. For all you keen followers out there, you can take a look at our Company News and discover our latest antics, and maybe get to know us all a bit better... 

Time for a change!

Our MASS office based in Wokingham has had a makeover. 


“Its changing rooms today at Mantle. We are taking walls down to enlarge a client's room to accommodate their expanding business. Contact us for your room requirements in Wokingham. Our facilities team are always busy keeping up with our client's demands!” @Mantleltd – Twitter


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MASS celebrates its silver birthday!

We made it into the Wokingham local newspaper!


On the 12th of June 2017 we celebrated our 25th Birthday with a party and the Mayor of Wokingham.


"There has been a lot of change in the world of IT in the last 25 years, there has been a lot of innovation but I think on of our strongest selling points is our ability to adapt and keep up with the changes".


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We did it! We won!

MASS Plc. Award in Marketing - ARCHIBUS Connect in Amsterdam 2017.

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MASS are on YouTube!

On our YouTube you can watch our old Webinar recordings and new event information! We have some plans to become more active on YouTube so keep your eyes peeled!


Click the image below to go straight to our page

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All New ARCHIBUS 23.1

So, what’s new in the latest version? 


Well there are so many features added to the applications that it needs an eighty three page book to describe them... 

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AutoCAD Update - Training with MASS

If you are upgrading to AutoCAD 2015 from an earlier version, such as 2010, you will find that there are a great many new features and improvements. You can of course carry on using AutoCAD the same way, though if you want to get the best out of your investment into AutoCAD this course will take you through what's been updated and improved ... view document

Commissioning Webinar 24/03/2021

Acutely mindful of both the benefits and the risks, commissioning agents endeavor to deliver a superior commissioning process for their organisations. However, they are stymied by the lac...
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