West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust

Client – West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust

Key contact - Paul Jarvis – Head of Engineering

Author - Katrina Kerr

Trust overview - “West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust provides acute healthcare services

to a core catchment population of approximately half a million people living in west Hertfordshire

and the surrounding area. Overall, the population served by the Trust is relatively affluent, but

there are some areas of deprivation.

The Trust also provides a range of more specialist services to a wider population, serving residents of North London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and East Hertfordshire.


As an employer of over 4,000 people the Trust is one of the biggest employers in the area and sees nearly a million patients each year.” www.westhertshospitals.nhs.uk


Paul took up the role of Head of Engineering at the West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust just under two years ago in 2016. His role covers a wide remit of 3 sites including the Watford General Hospital, St Albans City Hospital and Hemel Hampstead Hospital. Each of these sites are comprised of old, historical buildings including an estates department, workshop rooms, and office accommodation and they are situated mainly around the boiler houses. 






The hospitals are complex sites that are currently undergoing a vast amount of refurbishment, with the prime site of Watford General also having recently completely re-appointed their temporary parking facilities and the formation of a new entrance into site for emergency vehicles.



ARCHIBUS is used to manage the Estates labour management for the 3 sites which comprise of wards, nurses’ stations, medical departments and public areas, along with all of the estates and facilities functions.





As is often the case, the maintenance of these historical buildings can be challenging, and NHS budgets remain stringent. As a result, there can be a backlog of maintenance issues that are overdue improvement and investment, with the departmental financial restraints often making these issues difficult to resolve in a timely manner.


The original implementation of ARCHIBUS at the Trust took place approximately 12 years ago. When Paul joined the Trust, he inherited a system that unfortunately had not been very well nurtured or maintained. Site asset data had had not been maintained, and overall data information and accuracy had been neglected. This meant that Paul, and his team were not able to create the necessary compliance and management reports required for the annual estates returns for NHS healthcare sites. Additionally, there were several instances of legacy spatial information being updated by external surveyors and the integration of new and updated AutoCAD plans, that in several aspects, did not reflect the real environment. This made space reporting a planning a difficult task.


Understanding the issues that needed to be rectified to maximise

the use and capability of ARCHIBUS Paul commissioned a report on the systems use and current state of operational functionality, this being undertaken by Sarah Collins a specialist systems analyst. From the gap report produced one of the priorities identified was to educate and train the team of approximately 50 employees on both the shop floor and management levels to comprehend the system and how it can support their workload better.  The Training has been taking place on how to use ARCHIBUS correctly, input data for compliance reports, and maintain and update the information necessary for better use of the systems full functions.  


As a result of this foundational work, that Paul and his team has implemented, including assigning dedicated resource to support the up levelling of the system, and  working closely with the support and account management teams at MASS to recover and better comprehend the system; the teams at the Trust are now at the point where they are looking to expand and invest further in an ARCHIBUS upgrade and a move to mobile working for the trade staff, maximising more of the systems capacities to support their workload. 




MASS has a number of clients that have been working with ARCHIBUS for 15 plus years, and often the systems will go through cycles of use. In this respect the West Herefordshire Trust is not a usual case study, highlighting a new appointment joining an organisation, reviewing the system and recognising the need to optimise ARCHIBUS. It is good to see that West Hertfordshire Trust are taking the necessary steps to go through this process and are also working closely with MASS to achieve their goals.  Hopefully, in a years’ time, we will be in a position to review this case study and present further positive updates. 



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