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Client – The HBOS Group

Author - Joe Maleczek 

About the HBOS Group - 

HBOS plc is a banking and insurance company in the United Kingdom, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group, having been taken over in January 2009. 


Implementing Successful Space Management Solutions with MASS

“ARCHIBUS is seen as an industry standard and was a cost-effective solution capable of being expanded to incorporate additional modules when required” - Tony Flint, HBOS Accommodation Strategy & Planning Manager

Created in 2001 from the merger of the Halifax and Bank of Scotland companies, The HBOS Group provides retail, business and corporate banking, in addition to insurance an investment services, through a multi-brand strategy in the UK and internationally. The company currently employs 73,500 people worldwide, at 130 corporate sites.

With such an expansive range of properties, the organisation faced a challenge in allocating space and tracking its use on a day to- day basis. HBOS realised that a database providing automated, accurate and meaningful management information in a user-friendly way was in order. However, a previous in-house attempt to develop a database for this purpose produced less than optimal results.


“We found this too restrictive and costly when adding to or altering the database within a reasonable timeframe,” says Tony Flint, HBOS Accommodation Strategy and Planning Manager. “The database eventually became unsupported, so we had to investigate replacement options.”


The subsequent search led HBOS to call upon the expertise of MASS, who demonstrated the potential of ARCHIBUS, and showed the organisation why ARCHIBUS Space Management was the best solution for them.


“ARCHIBUS is seen as an industry standard and was a cost-effective solution capable of being
expanded to incorporate additional modules when required,” Tony observes. “Because it allowed easier access to data, it could also be used by a broader cross-section of the company, depending on the user’s requirements.”


MASS instigated a pilot study in which two floors of an HBOS building were taken and linked with various data to produce a desk management system. Mass created the Mass Desk Management Module through this process.


Once completed, this was presented to HBOS, who instructed MASS to begin work on the project. The process began with the implementation of the software across the top 100 buildings (as identified by the client).



The ARCHIBUS Space Management application was implemented and operational in 3 months, providing building occupation, highly accurate, data reports on space usage and allocation in HBOS’ major employment sites.


“Sharing of information is steadily growing throughout the organisation because the ARCHIBUS application is so user-friendly”


In addition to implementing the software, MASS provided other functions, including the preparation of data and drawings, and the resources required to carry out CAD drawing work and system integration.


HBOS also enjoys the benefits of a Diamond Mass Support contract which is renewed annually entitling them to ARCHIBUS version upgrades, and complete access to MASS’ excellent technical support team.


“There is constant change to deal with as the business evolves,” Tony says of what is now the UK’s fifth largest financial services company and one of its fastest-growing ones. “But one thing that will never change is the need for good, accurate information.”



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