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Author - Joe Maleczek 

About Menzies Distribution - 

"In the past, Menzies Distribution has been called the best-kept secret in UK Logistics’ - As well as serving customers in the UK Print Media sector, we also serve the UK Parcel, Travel & Tourism, eCommerce and High Street Retail sectors. Our ambition, like our range of activities, is always growing.


We drive 135,500 miles every day, deliver 110 million delivery units every year, reach from the hearts of major cities right out to the most remote communities in Britain - and we can offer a huge range of logistical services to our customers as a result."


Gear Change for Greater FM Performance

“The system enables me to determine levels of expenditure for all aspects of maintenance and I know what each department or branch costs in relation to another. It has given me the confidence to know exactly what the situation is at all times and it enables us to adopt a more pro-active approach in controlling contractor costs and ensuring the continued improvement of our service. Also, it has cut down the paper chase as we now have all our building and asset information readily to hand.”- John Tucker, Facilities Manager, Menzies Distribution


When John Tucker was appointed Facilities Manager for Menzies Distribution, the company’s new headquarters building was nearing completion on Edinburgh Park, part of a business plan to gear up for a technology-driven, competitive future. John Tucker aligned delivery of FM services to the same goals with the help of Computer Integrated Facilities Management system (CAFM), ARCHIBUS.


The crisp, open style of the new headquarters of Menzies Distribution on the prestigious Edinburgh Park speaks volumes about the company’s determination to be at the leading edge in the fast-moving world of magazine and newspaper distribution.





John Tucker took up the FM post for Menzies Distribution just ten weeks before completion of the company’s new building. The design of the 4,776 square metre building was vital to the company’ mission to gear up for a marketing-led service business using new technology to deliver optimum results for publishers.





In this confident and forward-looking environment, John reviewed how to deliver FM  services for the headquarters and branches to the same high standards. His department was responsible for building maintenance, office cleaning, catering, security, health and safety, fire precautions, mail room, switchboard, reception, space planning and procurement of supplies, equipment and furniture.


“My job is to make sure we spend wisely, provide value for money and maintain services while reducing costs,” explains John.


Aligning the FM function with the central business mission, he decided to put in a computerised system to provide greater power, control, flexibility and development of potential to the facilities management function. After reviewing FM software on the market, John acquired ARCHIBUS from MASS.


“As a large corporate buyer, we were attracted by Mass’ consolidated range of support services to assist us both now and in the future. We talked to other users and found them to be very happy with the solutions that MASS was offering them.


“The primary reason for implementing CAFM was that we wanted a system that could track the location of equipment and furniture at any given time, explains John. “ARCHIBUS holds details of all the drawing layouts of the buildings so we can also identify under and over-utilised space.”


Menzies Distribution uses ARCHIBUS for maintenance management and to run its customer helpdesk. 



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