Getting a team together in a hybrid environment

The world of work has somewhat shifted. Changes and workplace trends have moved at a swift pace – forcing employers to address employee retention before it’s too late. Now more than ever it seems keeping an employee happy and productive should be at the top of the agenda.


We all know that happy and engaged employees are more likely to show up for work, adopt and foster new ideas, work harder and perform well. This has obvious links with higher company profits and a lower turnover of staff.

It’s therefore clear to see when employees feel unhappy and unmotivated the overall company suffers. Replacing an employee is costly and understanding of what can be done, and the tools needed to do this is required now. Employers needs proactive retention strategies that enhance work life/balance and job satisfaction.



The 'War for Talent' is increasingly forcing organisations to adapt their working environments to meet the new requirements of their workforce. New ways of working are accelerating this development and pose new challenges in attracting and engaging talent and retaining employees.


Challenges include:

How to plan to get teams together.

Keeping the company values and culture alive with happy employees with a low turnover rate.


The rise of hybrid, activity based working environments provides a unique opportunity to engage and retain employees by empowering them to plan their workday arranging to meet their colleagues in the right situation for the meeting purpose. Having the autonomy to arrange this easily takes arduous red tape and hassle away from a working day.  Planning that fits their professional as well as their private lives. Having control over their workday makes people happier, reduces work related stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.



The Work Facile app is a self-service solution which enables people to work when and where they are most productive by providing them with the option to choose a workspace that fits their professional requirements and the job at hand. The Facile app makes it very easy to reserve desks, conference rooms, seats in the restaurant, spots in the gym, arrival times or parking spaces. All done on your own smartphone, with very little time and effort.



By offering employees the means, as well as the autonomy to navigate the dynamics of activity based working, organisations can live up to modern day employee expectations and thus be more attractive. Achieve bottom-up organisational efficiency as well as a loyal and productive workforce with Facile.


Workplace requirements are changing rapidly.


With the majority of workers indicating not to want to return to the office fulltime, it seems the future of work will be more hybrid and dynamic. You are likely to be asking yourself how can I provide my team with the privacy to focus, the resources to collaborate and the ability to organise their workday in this environment?


The modern work environment ideally provides workers with a good reason to come to the office. By letting your team members reserve activity-based areas with a the right function and purpose for the task at hand, Facile can match their needs to your facilities. Because it is virtually impossible to manage this without having access to relevant capacity and utilisation data, the app offers real-time insights on how your workforce interacts with their workspace. This way you can constantly increase workspace performance and spread demand throughout the workweek to eliminate attendance peaks.