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InVentry is a market leading service for sign-in and visitor management solutions. It can beutilised in a variety of businesses and sectors. InVentry always tracks and monitors those on-site at any time ultimately helping to improve site security.  


Your best first impression! 


The look and feel of the InVentry system also enable establishments to add a touch of class to reception areas as well, presenting a state-of-the-art touchscreen to staff, visitors and contractors upon signing in. The system has been designed with speed and flexibility in mind to meet staff needs and requirements. 




InVentry System can be used in different kinds of sectors/industry. 

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When a visitor or contractor arrives on site there are many checks and processes that need to be followed. InVentry allows you to manage these efficiently and offer custom questions at the point of sign-in; all from one easy to use system.  

InVentry gives Data Centre’s the ability to control who is on-site and track reasons for visits, 24 hours a day. With security being your top priority, the InVentry system will help to ensure your site is always secure whilst enabling you to be in full control of the data.      

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Manage contractor checks quickly and easily whilst also ensuring a professional welcome with the InVentry system. Also allow staff and contractors to roam between sites using the same ID, giving you complete sight of location information. 


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The safeguarding of patients is always at the forefront of any hospital. InVentry allows you to manage visitors and contractors quickly and efficiently, whilst also ensuring that everyone onsite is checked and has appropriate access around the building. 

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InVentry gives you the ability to manage events and visitors from one simple to use system. Our pre-booking feature also enables visitors to sign-in through the swipe of a QR code. Ask custom questions upon sign-in such as lunch options and dietary requirements.     


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Give visitors and staff the right first impression by including an InVentry system in your skin to make it coincide with your brand, for a sleek and stylish visitor management system.   

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To ensure that everyone has the same quality of life, and to minimize safeguarding concerns and incidents, your welcome area needs to be safe and secure. This is the first line of defense, and can be the difference in knowing who is and isn’t onsite in a variety of emergencies

InVentry Central – controlling multiple sites 

InVentry Central has been developed with the ultimate flexibility in mind. You can easily keep track of your employees; log time keeping upon multiple sites and ensure your organisation upholds outstanding GDPR and safeguarding procedures. 

With?impressive features, such as multi-site roaming with a swipe of a card, the ability to customise individual systems and share personnel files company wide, InVentry Central can help your organisation become as safe and efficient as possible. 


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It is developed with flexibility in mind. Staff members and even contractors can roam easily between multiple sites. This means that for those employees who spend a lot of time travelling to your organisation’s multiple sites, gaining access, and signing in and out has never been easier! 

Personnel files are instantly pulled down from the InVentry Cloud when an employee based at one site signs into another site, meaning they’ll automatically be logged as a staff member rather than a visitor upon sign in. DBS central records are also shared via the Cloud, so contractors for your organisation can be easily approved site-wide! 

Health Feature in InVentry  

In response to the recent pandemic, we’ve developed lots of new features to enable your business to keep COVID-19 secure. These features include capacity management allowing you to set a maximum capacity and receive notifications when its capacity has been met, breached, and back to acceptable levels. 


Health Declaration 

  • Send COVID-19 Health Declarations to staff and visitors each morning. 

  • Those who declare that they’re displaying symptoms will be unable to sign-in or enter the building. 

  • Test and trace visitors who have come in contact with staff who have declared COVID-19 symptoms. 

  • Notify those identified and ask them to self- isolate. 

Why not give it a tryBook a demo and get to know more about new features of InVentry.  

If you’d like to start a conversation please get in touch with Ramya Narayanaswamy ( 


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