New Archibus versions are a nice to have? NO! An absolute necessity!

No doubt you will have spoken to our helpdesk team at Mass, discussing your upgrade options and software support for Archibus. You may be thinking that it always feels like new updates come at the most inconvenient times. Being a busy team, with deadlines to meet the easiest option is normally to postpone such upgrade decisions or certainly add it to the bottom of your to do list. 

Unquestionably, our team aren’t telling you to upgrade your Archibus versions to be the annoying, to add to your work load, or to find something to talk to you about... it turns out there’s a lot of good reasons and several business benefits to move forward with software updates. Generally, the cost to you comes in your time... but we think it's worth it in the long run and here is why.  

You get better software! Archibus invests time in improving their software, adding important features, improving your end user experience which in turn help you achieve your objectives and goals in the most efficient and effective way. You and your team may be used to the way in which your version of the software works and feels – but that’s why our team are here to update your skills and understanding so you can adapt and make your software investment work best for your company.  

Updating your software will breathe new life and possibilities into your systems. Trust our team to show you how to use the new features and functionality – and also have the reassurance you are operating with supported software moving forwards. Improve your performance and take advantage of all the latest software features. We've taken the trouble to highlight the most important version changes in the document attached. We think you'll find it useful in determining where you are versus where you could be....

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You may be encountering annoying bugs and issues that you and your team have just learnt to live with as you haven't got the bandwidth to think about another alternative. Mass can again help with this. Archibus developers are always working to improve and fix flaws. Each version release will see bugs and flaws fixed, which in turn make your systems run more smoothly.  

Have you considered how secure your systems are? Is the version of Archibus you are running the most secure? Over time hackers find ways to exploit vulnerabilities in older versions. The Archibus development team fix security issues with patches and updates will occur. Unsupported versions won't have visibility of this...  


Before your Archibus version is no longer supported, it is time to plan you next upgrade with Mass. No formal support for that program means your company is accepting risks that could easily be mitigated. Whilst Mass will offer support on any version, SpaceIQ (Archibus) offer full support on only the current major version and the two previous.

Move upgrades higher up your priority list, it will serve you well in the future! 

Speak to the helpdesk team or contact if you're intrigued! 


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