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InVentry is a fully equipped integrated visitor entry system allows you to accurately track who is in the building/site at any time. InVentry helps to streamline the process and protect visitor privacy. It works with a central database of information that logs who’s visiting you, as well as when your visitors arrive and leave, helping to ensure that your workplace is safe for everybody in it. This idea applies to employees and visitors alike. Outside of safety concerns, a modern visitor management system helps your business look and feel more professional. It helps you greet visitors promptly, and with the appropriate context beforehand. 

  1. InVentrySign-In Solution:  

InVentry is a pioneer of sign in and visitor management systems and is trusted by over 7,000 organizations across the UK. The system transforms the efficiency of entry to a building and provides secure digital data on every entry or exit, giving companies maximum traceability for staff, contractors and visitors. InVentry products are continuously developed in-house and provide a smart solution to site security and tracking - without compromising on the reliability and stability that customers demand of a front of house, mission critical system. 

Services available with InVentry Sign-Solutionare : 

  • Visitor Management system 

  • Staff management solutions 

  • Visitor and contractor management system 

  • Pupil Management 

  • Custom skins 

  • Integration 

  • Evacuation 

  • DBS Checker 

  • Events 

  • ID cards and Scanners 

  • Multi-site 

  • Working Hours 


  1. Audit & Compliance Solution:InVentry’s Audit & Compliance software delivers a cost-effective solution for tracking assets in your organisation, whether they’re laptops, mobile phones or keys! Our audit and compliance solutions provide you with a clear audit trail of usage to enable you to make informed decisions on your software and hardware investments.? 

Services available with Audit & Compliance  are : 

  • Asset management system 

  • Audit service 



  1. Registration Solution: Availableforboth?primary?and?secondaryschools,     ClassMark and ClubReg provide safe and secure digital registration for classrooms or breakfast and after school clubs on any device. 

Services available with InVentryare : 

  • ClassMark 

  • ClubReg 

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Anywhere app 

The InVentry Anywhere app acts as an extension of your InVentry Anywhere license and allows the following functionality. 


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Description automatically generated with low confidence  Evacuation: The evacuation tool is used to ensure that everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency. From the app, organizations can access a real-time copy of everyone who is onsite, trigger site wide evacuations and account for all signed in people across multiple muster points. 

  Visitors: Within the app users can quickly book their own visitors as well as see what visitors they have booked in for that day. When a new visitor is added via the app it also adds them to the organizations main InVentry system to speed up the sign in process when they arrive. 

•  Staff: The staff element of the app allows users to remotely sign in and out of their organization, using their device instead of using the InVentry touchscreen or ID card. They can also see at a glance who has signed in on that day. This is particularly useful if users quickly need to know if someone is onsite or not. 

•  Pupils (available for education customers): The pupil element of the app allows users to view late arrivals, early leavers, sixth formers on-site and the full session register (MIS support dependent) during a site-wide evacuation. 


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