ARCHIBUS Web Central Capital Projects V26.3

  1. 1.    Overview


The Archibus Projects application focuses on the details of planning and executing the individual capital projects.


The prioritisation of improvements such as roof repairs, land purchases, elevator replacements, hazardous material removal, and HVAC upgrades must be carefully analysed, and once approved, these projects need to be quickly and efficiently executed to minimize disruption to the working environment and to support scheduled business initiatives.

With the Projects application, all parties involved in a capital project—from the requestor, to the approving managers, to the vendors bidding on the work, to the craftspersons executing the work, to the project managers tracking cost variances—can work collaboratively over the Web to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.


The application covers the entire project management process, including:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Project Design
  • Bidding
  • Execution
  • Management and Oversight Reporting
  • Historical and Trend Reporting


  1. 2.    Process Overview

The initial processes in the Projects application involve setting up capital programs, requesting projects, and approving or rejecting projects. The workflow includes a variety of roles including the facilities manager, project requestors, and approving managers.



After a project has been approved, you move into the project planning, procurement, and execution processes. The workflow includes a variety of roles including the facilities manager, project team members, and vendors.




While the employer is carrying out the procurement tasks outlined above, vendors can use the application's vendor tasks. Vendor tasks include bidding on projects, updating an action item's status as it is completed, and issuing invoices.




  1. 3.    Project Management Console

The Management Console enables you to manage approved projects through the planning and execution phases. From the Console, you can access summarised information at the project level, and can select a specific project to drill down to review and manage the project's details. This includes Invoices, Actions and Gantt charts.



  1. 4.    Project Quality Control Dashboard

The Project Quality Control Dashboard focuses on your scheduled projects for this fiscal year, to ensure all projects keep moving in sequence as planned throughout the year. Issued projects need to be completed; approved projects need to be scheduled with adequate time to complete.

The dashboard includes the following charts and alerts:



  1. 5.    Projects Timeline

This displays the Actions in any Active Projects as a Gantt Chart.

Andrew Taylor, MASS 



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