MASS reduction in carbon footprint


Having seen the positive outcomes from Cop26 this week, we considered our steps towards a lower carbon footprint.


As a small company MASS believe we have a relatively small carbon footprint. However, in terms of recent changes that have affected us, and by extension our work behaviors, I would say that we have significantly cut down on our travel.

MASS have clients all over the UK, particularly Scotland. Historically this would mean several car motorway journeys in addition to regular flights in and out of Glasgow/Edinburgh. As a company I would suggest probably averaging 2-4 trips every month.


Due to the reduction in site travel which has been driven from the Pandemic, but also catalyzed by technology through SaaS solutions and cloud-based technology, we have seen a dramatic reduction in this. It is probably worth noting that this is something that had already begun in a significant manner before 2020, but that the pandemic ultimately served to ‘speed-up’ as a change process.


From an internal perspective we have also now focused ‘office-based work’ around those that live locally, allowing those whose travel distance is higher to WFH more regularly. Our MASS office space is also converting to LED panel lighting.

From an employment perspective this change in work practices has also enabled us to look ‘outside of the box’ in terms of recruitment strategy and we now look more towards contracting out specific bodies of work rather than employing in. This is a progressive change that effects the business operations across the board, but one offshoot is the reduction in requirement for office-based activities, which means less travel. Myself and another colleague try to cycle to work each day and as a company we signed up to the Bike2Work scheme. Every little helps!


In a technology sense MASS works within the Green Buildings arena and sells solutions to help other Organisations track and manage their estate carbon footprint.


We will continue to focus our efforts on maintaining our reduction, and we look forward to a greener future.


Luke Bolt, Managing Director.


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