Smart Buildings, IoT and Archibus

Ahead of the Smart Buildings Show at ExCel London next week, this blog takes a look at what is meant by ‘Smart’, what is the Internet of Things, and how can Archibus help you to develop your technology solutions for estates and facilities management.


What is “smart” Facilities Management?

Smart building facility management is the way of the future. It involves building out a workplace IoT network, collecting pertinent data, and aggregating that data into identifiable trends. Those trends and patterns then drive positive change in the workplace.

Smart facilities management can range from simple to complex, depending on the focus. For example, motion sensors attached to lights to conserve electricity is different than using occupancy sensors to determine what time of day people use specific workspaces and for how long. In either case, facilities managers have the tools and insights to shape the workplace around the needs of employees and company expectations.


So, what is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical devices that collect and share digital data. IoT in the workplace refers to the sensors and beacons orchestrated to collect data about how employees use workspaces. Data from IoT sensors streams into digital workplace management software to provide context for workplace design, utilization, occupancy, and a variety of additional metrics.



McKinsey recognised IoT as one of the top disruptive technology areas back in 2013, and now we are really seeing this come to fruition with suitable, affordable products in the market.


What can you use IoT sensors for in FM?

Occupancy Management: How many people are occupying an area? Has a desk been used and requires cleaning? What is the real life occupancy trend? Does this change over the week and does hybrid working policy have an impact?

Environmental Monitoring: Common measurements include temperature, CO2, light, humidity, noise, gas. Is the air quality good? Is the temperature consistent? How does your building respond to changes in occupancy and conditions? Should blinds be adjusted?

Energy Management: Data from sensors can build a picture over time of usage and aligned to occupancy and environmental data, this can be used to see the impact of changes on energy usage and hence costs. At the simplest level, lights can be triggered by motion sensors.

In summary, IoT can enable a better environment for building users and can save money.


So what does this mean for a CAFM/IWMS supplier like MASS, providing Archibus solutions into a range of situations?

Utilizing an IWMS with an open platform such as Archibus, organizations can easily integrate with sensor APIs and review sensor data alongside other space, asset, and maintenance data for a holistic view of the organization’s built environment.

Data-backed decision making is vital for strategically managing estates, and is achieved with Archibus as the single source of the truth, accessed through configurable dashboards, views and reports.



Automation of workflows enables activities to happen without administrator intervention, removing bottlenecks whilst keeping administrators in control of the process.


MASS are specialists in the integration, implementation, and customisation of Archibus. We have integrated numerous systems over the years, and IoT presents an opportunity to gather and analyse data on a scale never available before.




Smart Buildings Show

We will be attending the show next week at ExCel London, to further our understanding of the market and to connect with providers who can complement and work with Archibus to supply powerful solutions to our clients.

You can sign up here

If you are attending, arrange to meet us via


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