Telecom Console - Archibus Web Central V26.1

 In this blog, we give a brief overview of the Telecom Console in version 26.1 of Web Central.


The Telecom Console allows you to build, maintain and connect your telecom inventory.


1.    Find Telecom Assets

The filter at the top of the Telecom Console is used to load drawings, highlight the location of Equipment and filter the records displayed in the Console's tabs.


  • Building Code
  • Floor Code
  • Room Code
  • Equipment Code
  • Equipment Standard
  • Employee Name


2.    Display a Floor Plan

To display a floor plan, enter a building and floor in the filter at the top of the left-hand pane. Note that floor plans must be saved as enterprise graphics in SVG format. Once you display a floor plan, you can maximize it and hide the grids, or use the splitter to adjust the grid pane and floor plan panes as you desire.

3.    Create and Edit Telecom Assets

Use the following tabs on the Telecom Console's left pane to create and edit your inventory.



4.    Connect Telecom Assets

Model how your telecom devices are connected by adding connections to your telecom inventory.





5.    Show Connections

To discover how a piece of equipment connects to the network.








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Written by Andrew Taylor




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