What’s new in Archibus v26.1 continued…

What’s new in Archibus v26.1 continued…


As we discussed last week, Archibus V.26.1 is out now, offering several new features, as well as improvements to existing features. Below we continue exhibiting more of the key new features, focussed on returning to the workplace.


Many of these enhancements are a direct response to customers' suggestions in the UserVoice forum.


Remember, if you are an Archibus user and have ideas for future enhancements, you can enter them in the SpaceIQ-Uservoice Forum. You can also vote on ideas submitted by other customers.


Be sure to share your ideas, as your feedback drives the changes and enhancements, made to Archibus.



User Experience

To provide an intuitive and pleasing user experience and to respond to customer requests in UserVoice, changes have been made to the following:


Reports Central (UserVoice Idea)

Archibus V.26.1 introduces Reports Central, a new and simplified report designer wizard geared toward Archibus Foundations and SaaS customers who need a simple yet effective report wizard to build personalized reports and charts.


When an out-of-the-box Archibus report does not meet your needs, use this tool to build your own simple reports and charts by selecting the desired tables and specifying fields and filters. Archibus users accustomed to using Smart Client to analyse multiple tables or use advanced data filtering will find that they can use Reports Central to produce this same result using a streamlined, user-friendly wizard interface.


With Reports Central, you can:


  • Take advantage of well-styled templates and pre-defined chart types that are easy to customize.
  • Report on multiple tables and restrict data to get the requested outcome.
  • Re-use a previously defined report.



Space Console: Improved Search (UserVoice Idea)

The Space Console is a powerful tool and searching for the data you need is an important part of using this console. The Archibus V.26.1 Space Console has improved methods and new features for searching. These changes reduce the number of clicks required to find the data you need and improve the overall experience of using the Space Console.


Search Modes and Select Search Fields Form

Issue: As a user, I would like to specify the fields on which I want to search for floors so that I receive more targeted results and spend less time waiting.


As a power user, I would like to have an easy way to switch from Quick Search (current, default) to Query Search and Employee Search so that I can search for floors in different ways based on my needs.


Solution: The Space Console's Search Box now offers three modes of search: Quick, Employee, and Query. Choose the search mode, and the Search Box (located to the left) activates the appropriate behaviour for the selected mode. When you set the fields on which to search using the new Select Search Fields form, the selection applies to all modes.



Space Console (UserVoice Idea)

Based on UserVoice ideas, we have implemented the following improvements to the Space Console.



Print Floor Plans without Highlights

Customers have requested the ability to print from the Space Console floor plans that do not have any highlights. For example, staff members might want to print out floor plans and then make notations on the hard copies for their own unique purposes, such as work orders, department reviews, reports, and one-off maps. A printed floor plan that is highlighted in various colours is not necessary, and in fact, the highlights might detract from notations that users make.

To support this use case, you can now print a floor plan from the Space Console without the Space Console first prompting you to set a highlight if one is not already set.


Zoom when Searching Employees and Rooms

When you search for a room or employee, the Search Console will now zoom into the room or the room housing the employee (both hotel or permanent seat). This is especially convenient when you have a large floor plan or small rooms, as the automatic zoom saves your from having to scan the floor plan for the employee or room.


The Space Console now zooms the floor plan under these conditions:


  • When you use Advanced Search to search for a room or employee, and the search results find a single room or single employee.
  • If you use Employee Search and pick a location (either a permanently assigned or a hotel seat) from the search results.

Drag and Drop Employee Names

To support sites that use the Employee Code field to store an identifying employee number and the Employee Name field to store the employee's name, the Space Console offers labels for both Employee Name and Employee Code. This enables users to list a descriptive employee name on the floor plan rather than the employee's identifying code. You can now move employees to new locations on the floor plan by dragging and dropping either the Employee Name label or the Employee Code label.


Move Console

Request a Move Directly from the Move Console (UserVoice Idea)

Many customers have a move call centre in which department managers and other staff call into the Move Coordinator to request a move. Move Coordinators, who work heavily with the Move Console, can now initiate moves directly from the Move Console without having to load another view. When they receive a call requesting a move, they access the Request Move button for a menu of all possible move types. With this change, the Move Console now operates similarly to the Maintenance Console, which enables maintenance managers to report maintenance issues directly from the Maintenance Console using the Report Problem button.




What’s Next?

Breaking news: The following future enhancements based on industry trends, technology advancements, and customer feedback submitted through UserVoice are being considered for future releases so watch out for more

BLOGS on these features.


Field Worker Mobile App (UserVoice Idea)

Problem: As a maintenance professional, I would like to have easy access to my assigned work and supporting information, organized by priority and location. With this access, I can focus on fixing and maintaining critical assets while minimizing travel and paperwork.


Solution: An enhanced Field Worker mobile app that has an updated user interface and improved performance.



Autodesk Forge Integration (UserVoice Idea)

Problem: As a building manager responsible for asset reliability and maintenance, I need access to all asset details that were established in BIM during the design and construction phases so that I can access that information online, in one place.


Solution: Archibus integration with Autodesk Forge will enable you to:


  • Visualize system connections
  • Plan maintenance
  • Build digital twin integrations



Continuing Themes

The following are continuing goals for our future releases:


  • Leverage additional SpaceIQ solutions
  • Improve standard Archibus software so that it is easier to use
    • Configuration and reporting
    • User experience
    • Key module improvements
  • Innovate on promising technologies
    • IoT
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Digital Twins
For more information, call MASS on 0118 977 8560 or email us at info@mass-plc.com

Written by Martin Matt



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