How the latest Archibus release has been led by User input.

How the latest Archibus release has been led by User input.


Archibus V.26.1 is out now, offering several new features, as well as improvements to existing features. See below for some of the key new features, focussed on returning to the workplace.


Many of these enhancements are a direct response to our customers' suggestions in the UserVoice forum.


If you are an Archibus user and have ideas for future enhancements, enter them in the SpaceIQ-Uservoice Forum. You can also vote on ideas submitted by other customers. Be sure to share your ideas, as your feedback drives the changes and enhancements, we make to Archibus.


What's Next

Based on customer feedback, several enhancements are in development for future releases.


Field Worker Mobile App (UserVoice Idea)

Problem: As a maintenance professional, I would like to have easy access to my assigned work and supporting information, organized by priority and location. With this access, I can focus on fixing and maintaining critical assets while minimizing travel and paperwork.


Solution: An enhanced Field Worker mobile app that has an updated user interface and improved performance.


Autodesk Forge Integration (UserVoice Idea)

Problem: As a building manager responsible for asset reliability and maintenance, I need access to all asset details that were established in BIM during the design and construction phases so that I can access that information online, in one place.


Solution: Archibus integration with Autodesk Forge will enable you to:


  • Visualize system connections.
  • Plan maintenance.
  • Build digital twin integrations.


Continuing Themes

The following are continuing goals for our future releases:

  • Leverage additional SpaceIQ solutions.
  • Improve standard Archibus software so that it is easier to use.
    • Configuration and reporting.
    • User experience.
    • Key module improvements.
  • Innovate on promising technologies.
    • IoT.
    • Predictive Maintenance.
    • Digital Twins.




So what are the new key Back to Work features in Archibus v26.1?

In addition to enhancements to the User Experience, there has been a focus on companies returning to the workplace, many of whom are implementing a hoteling strategy in which employees book seats for days they will be in the office.


To support the increased use of hoteling, there are several new features for booking seats. All new features can be found in the self-service Workplace application; while others apply both to Workplace and the Create Booking task. Since the self-service Workplace app is a handy way for all staff to book their seats, the Workplace interface has been updated to meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) accessibility requirements.


Workplace Accessibility (UserVoice Idea)

Since the Archibus Workplace self-service app is widely distributed throughout an organization for staff members to make facility-related requests, it is important that all staff at a site -- including those with visual or motor skills impairments -- can successfully work with this tool to navigate their workplace.


To support this need, Workplace has been updated so that all functions accessible from the Workplace Service Catalog are fully compliant with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 A and AA requirements.


To support full accessibility, changes include:


  • Make forms keyboard compatible. Users move through a form using the Tab key and arrow keys. They select form elements using Space and Enter.
  • Replace the floor plan with a list of rooms. Rather than select rooms by choosing them from the floor plan, users select rooms from a room list.
  • Change navigation actions to be clearly accessible to screen readers.
  • Add text labels to each element.
  • Change colours to meet contrast requirements.
  • Change complex screen layouts to fit smaller screens.
  • Implement auto-complete.



Workplace: Hoteling Changes


A hoteling strategy, in which a staff member books a temporary seat each time they work in the office, has been key for customers planning their return to work during the COVID pandemic. Many of these customers are providing staff with the self-service Archibus Workplace application as the tool to use to book seats. With more customers using the Workplace application, we have made the following changes to Archibus Workplace to improve employee experience when booking workspace seats.


Verify Health before Checking in to Booked Space (UserVoice Idea)

Having employees assess and verify the state of their own health before occupying a workspace helps to prevent infections from spreading and reduces the risk to other employees.


If you have implemented a check-in procedure for booked spaces, you can add a health check procedure for users who check in using Workplace. You can customize the Health Check message that lists the symptoms, to comply with local regulations.



Book a Seat Near a Colleague

An employee booking a seat may wish to see where a colleague is sitting (either in a permanent or booked seat) and then book a desk near this colleague. Proximity to colleagues may improve collaboration and productivity. Workplace now supports the following sequence so users can book near a specified colleague.


1. Search for a colleague using the "Find Person, Room, or Equipment" screen; Workplace loads the floor plan showing the     employee's permanent or hoteled location.


2. Click on the "Book a Working Space" button.


  • If there are available seats on this employee's floor, Workplace shows them, while retaining a marker for the searched colleague.
  • If there are no available seats on this employee's floor but there are seats available in the building, Workplace opens to a floor that does have bookable rooms, starting with the floor with the lowest display order.
  • If there are no available seats on this employee's building, you can enter search criteria to search for a location.
3. You can select a room to book nearby or enter additional search criteria and click "Search”.


Indicate Booked Seats on the Floor Plan

When booking a seat, employees may like to see the other desks that have already been booked, and by whom. This information can help them choose a seat that they are comfortable occupying. To meet this need, Workplace now highlights other booked seats on a floor plan. Users can click on a booked space to obtain information about who is occupying the seat.



Hoteling Improvements (Workplace and Create Booking)

As employees return to work during the COVID pandemic, many sites are implementing a hoteling or "hot-desking" strategy rather than have employees return to assigned seats. With more and more sites using the Archibus hoteling features in which users book a seat for temporary use, customers have suggested improvements to the hoteling procedures. Two new parameters have been added.


Enforce Full-Day Bookings (UserVoice Idea)

In this situation, employees need rooms for the entire day. Moreover, during this time of reduced travel, you will likely have few visitors or off-site employees who are attending a meeting on site and need working space for only half the day. Accordingly, you may wish to enforce a policy that rooms can be booked only for a full day by setting the FullDayBookingsOnly application parameter. With this setting, Workplace and the Create Booking view hide the options for Full Day / Morning / Afternoon. All bookings are automatically for the full day.



Limit the Number of Days in Advance that Employees Can Book Seats (UserVoice Idea)

To better control the limited available desk resources, Workplace administrators can limit the number of days in advance that employees can book seats by setting the MaxDaysAhead parameter. Limiting advance bookings can lead to better use of space as employees are not tying up seats far in advance when they actually, might, not need these seats when the booked date arrives.


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Written by Alastair Jeffery


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