Why you should consider SaaS Software as a Service for your Archibus provision

What is SaaS?

Definitions of terms like SaaS, On-Demand, On-Premise can sound complex. And there are different models of SaaS; multi-tenant and single tenant. Here we will clarify what this means, and what solutions can help you.


SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”, which means that the software is hosted remotely and accessible from the internet. Everything that the customer requires is already included and ready to be used, it is available 24/7, and the customer pays as they go.


So, what is the difference, and why have Archibus Solution Centres chosen to use a single tenant model for clients?


ARCHIBUS On Demand is more than traditional SaaS. It combines the main aspects of why businesses generally choose SaaS solutions – lower upfront costs, fewer resources required, high scalability, easy to update, quick and simple deployment, etc. – with the great additional features of full customizability and maximum control usually found in on-premises solutions.

How secure is the ASC HS solution?


The projects delivered by ARCHIBUS Hosting Services (ASC-HS) are hosted in “ARCHIBUS Authorized Hosting Partners” secure, top-tier data centres including Amazon Web Services – AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and ORACLE Cloud:


  • provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) aligned with the SLAs provided and committed by ASC-HS for power and environmental systems through several redundant subsystems, including power and fibre trunks from distinct sources.
  • offer a highly secure and reliable carrier-neutral environment to deploy computing, network, storage, and IT infrastructure. World-class data centres help reduce the capital and operational expense required to house and protect applications and systems.
  • Managed Network and Connectivity services include the most basic layer one services such as physical interconnection all the way through more complex layer three monitoring of networks and alerts. Carrier-neutral design provides zero-mile access to robust connectivity and at the same time delivers cost savings, flexibility, and can scale to match customer growth while still delivering the performance which customers demand.


The outsourced data centres offer a full line of managed and professional network security solutions, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, incident response and customized services to help clients identify, understand, and effectively deal with security issues before and after they occur.


The hosting providers are certified according to ISO27001 or SAS70 standards. They comply with the security rules and follow the rules data protection policies according to EU Directive 95/46/EC.


How well does the solution perform?

In 12 years of service in the Cloud: more than 600 projects managed, 0 security breaches, over 900 rejected cyber-attacks (more than 2 per week), 16 hours out of service and 0 disputes or pay-backs for malfunction claimed from customers.


What options are available?

Uptime Service Level Agreements range from 98.4% to 99.9% depending on the service selected.


Backups can be performed daily, in full or incremental format, and preserved for up to 14 days – depending on the service selected.


Increased storage and memory as required.


Single sign-on can be easily integrated into your projects. ARCHIBUS Hosting Services has experience in integrating with the most frequently used identity service technologies of the end client, and can integrate to others on demand:


  • Microsoft ADFS 
  • Oracle Identity Federation
  • Shibboleth IDP

For more information, call MASS on 0118 977 8560 or email us at info@mass-plc.com.

Written by Alastair Jeffery


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