Archibus Workplace V25.4

Archibus Workplace

This is a self-service tool that enables company employees and guests to perform tasks in a simple and quick way such as the following:


  • Search for buildings and review their floor plans
  • Search for rooms and locate them on floor plans
  • Search for employees and locate their offices (either permanently assigned seats or booked seats) on a floor plan
  • Search for a department and examine on a floor plan all the space assigned to this department
  • Request maintenance
  • Request equipment service
  • Make other types of requests particular to your site
  • Request meeting spaces and working spaces (requires a license for the Reservations cloud module or Reservations and      Hoteling applications)
  • Request an employee move (requires a license for the Space cloud module or Occupancy application)


Archibus Workplace can be accessed in many ways:


  • Building guests can access it from lobby kiosks to locate an employee or room. In kiosk mode, Workplace highlights Rooms by department, as shown in the below image.
  • Employees can make requests from phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Employees can scan a QR code on a room or equipment item, and then request service for this item or reserve the room
  • Employees can select the Workplace task from the sidebar navigation menu


Facility managers provide users with one of these Workplace views:


  • Service Catalog
  • Dashboard
  • Kiosk Dashboard view (shown below)


Service Catalog (Workplace)

The Service Catalog is a view of Workplace that presents a selection of service categories from which a self-service user can drill down to a form in order to request a service, such as a meeting room, a working space, a move, maintenance, paper shredding, and so on.


Users with the Service Catalog view of Workplace focus on making requests. They cannot access other features of Workplace such as searching for employees, departments, and buildings, and seeing employee and department locations highlighted on floor plans.


Facility managers supply the Service Catalog view of Workplace to users by providing a URL in the format: https://<server>/archibus/workplace?action=servicecatalog.


You can also access the Service Catalog from:


  • Archibus Cloud / Foundations / Facility Services / Workplace
  • Workplace Services / Service Desk / Client / Workplace
  • Workplace Services / Reservations / Reserve Rooms or Resources / Workplace
  • Workplace Services / Hoteling / Create and Review Bookings / Workplace
An Example Creating a Service Request: 


General Maintenance: 



Problem Selection: 



Complete and Submit: 





My Request List: 



Request Detailed Status: 



Workplace Dashboard


The Dashboard is a view of Workplace from which self-service users can search for employees, departments, floors, and buildings, and see the location of departments and floors on the corresponding floor plans.

They can also create moves and request services such as meeting spaces, working spaces, and maintenance, and then check on any services that they have requested.


Facility managers supply the Dashboard view of the Workplace to users by providing a URL in the format:


You can access the Workplace Dashboard from:


  • Archibus Cloud / Foundations / Facility Services / My Dashboard
  • Workplace Services / Service Desk / Service Provider / Service Console / Gear icon


Workplace view (kiosk mode)

When running Workplace from a kiosk, the home Dashboard view highlights a floor's rooms by the department. This highlight helps to orient guests and the occasional users to the floor plan.



Example for Booking a Meeting Space: 





Complete Booking



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