What’s new in V25.1 - Space Module

In today's blog, I intend to briefly cover what's new within the V.25.1 Space Module. Whilst I’m sure system updates are something not everyone needs, they are always worth having as something to which you can refer to when making decisions about your system.


Ultimately, when it comes to any change in space, the real question is what has changed in the Space Console. In V25.1 there have been 4 changes that Archibus wish to highlight, these are:


o Effective use of screen space

o Smart Search

o Smart Interactions with fewer clicks

o Modern Look


Looking at this list, and there is something that immediately jumps out at you, and that’s the word smart. In this case, it’s being used to highlight that Archibus, like all software companies, is now focusing on boosting the efficiencies within their software. This is because every company around the world is looking for software to automate as much of their processes as possible, thus boosting the efficiency of their company.


I will go through these four main updates in more detail in this blog, and hopefully, you will want to know more! We can arrange a demo of what improvements have been made or better still talk to us about upgrading your system.


Effective Use of Screen Space

The Space console will now load with the list of floors expanded, but when you use the filter to search and refine the location, the expanded list will then give way to a panel to show you space and occupancy metrics matching the filtered space.


Smart Search

When utilising the Space Console, there are times when you don’t want to see a specific space, so much as what the space is categorised as. Therefore, with 25.1, the smart search can now be used to filter the space within your system by room category, as well as the standard search criteria.


This means you can bring back all rooms attached to that room category, and quickly find the rooms with which you need to work.



Smart Interactions

The Smart Interactions within the Space Console refers to 3 specific improvements:


o Advanced Search

o Floor Plan Loading

o Advanced Filtering and Highlighting.


The advanced search as a tool allows you to use a greater number of filters to further restrict the data which you’re looking for. This allows you to utilise your search knowledge to moreefficiently find the specific rooms/space which you need to work with. Furthermore, the advanced search also has a cache of previous searches so you can quickly load previous searches and move between the data sets.


The floor plan loading, allows you to quickly switch between multiple floors you’re working with in the space console, which in the past would require you to search again for the second or additional floors when looking to switch between them.


Finally, the advanced filtering and highlighting tool means you can specifically opt to have the selected floors highlighted so you have a streamlined view of the space data within the space console.


Modern Look

Within the Space Console, much of the space is taken up by drop-down options and search filters which have now been replaced by intuitive icons to declutter what you’re looking at and allow for a more streamlined look.



If you require more information, please email us at info@mass-plc.com or look at the publicly available Archibus Help files which have a wealth of information.

Callum Doyle 


Archibus Workplace V25.4 14/04/2021

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