Checklists Available in Maintenance Console V25.4

In this week's blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central version 25.4, the Checklists Available in the Maintenance Console.




1. Overview

In Web Central V.25.3 maintenance checklists were introduced for use in the Maintenance mobile app, and Archibus V.25.4 extends this feature to the Maintenance Console. Both craftspersons and maintenance supervisors can use the Maintenance Console's checklist feature to process work requests.


  • Craftspersons working the field can use the Maintenance Console to complete checklists on their laptop or tablet, or they can complete the checklists on return to the office.
  • Maintenance supervisors can access the checklists that field workers completed to review and modify as needed.
  • Maintenance supervisors can send checklists back to craftspersons for further clarification. For example, they might note that a checklist question requires a clarifying comment or a picture.
  • Users can switch between mobile and the Maintenance Console as necessary. For example, they might complete part of the checklist on mobile, save their changes, and then finish the checklist when they return to the office using the Maintenance Console.

 2. Access Checklists through the Maintenance Console


When you sign into Web Central as a craftsperson, the Maintenance Console presents your assigned work requests. Work requests that are listed in the Issued and in Process heading will indicate checklist actions, as shown below.




Checklist actions have these possible displays on the Maintenance Console:




 3. Work through a Checklist

In the Maintenance Console, move to the Issued and in Process band and locate requests that have a Checklist action with a red star.

Click on the Checklist action, and the Maintenance Console presents the checklist for you to complete. This checklist may be new or one that you started but did not complete. The Status (in the middle of the form) indicates the checklist's status. 

The checklist indicates the required questions with red asterisks. As you work through the checklist, you will notice that the questions are outlined in pink boxes and that as you answer the questions, the form removes the pink boxes. The percentage update in the right corner of the checklist informs you of how many questions remain. For example, in the below image, the user has completed 3 questions out of 17, the additional questions (in pink) remain to be completed. Once you complete the response, you can change it at any time until you mark the checklist as complete.





 4. Save an In-Progress Checklist

After you respond to at least one question, the Save button activates. At any point, you can save your results to date. The first time that you save, the checklist moves to In Progress status. In the Maintenance Console, the checklist action will show with a star.


Saving is handy in the case that you begin a checklist and then need to switch to another task.


When you return to the checklist, you can change any of the answers you previously completed.


5. Complete a Checklist

When all required questions are answered, the Complete button (next to Save) activates.


Click Complete and the checklist's Status changes to Completed. You can no longer edit the responses.


If another checklist is associated with this request, the system immediately loads it. The checklist designer will have ordered the checklists in the appropriate order for execution. You can now work through the second scheduled checklist and click Complete when done.


When all assigned checklists for a work request are completed, the Maintenance Console updates with a green checkmark, as shown below. You can now complete the work order.


6. Verify or Return a Checklist

Once a Work Request is Completed a supervisor can Verify the Checklist or Return it back to Issued and In Progress for re-checking.


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Andrew Taylor



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