What's new in Archibus V25.4

We are excited to announce the latest Archibus V.25.4 version update which will be released for general availability around the end of January.  The quarterly releases cadence with the following enhancements:

A) Back to Work Enhancements 

B) View Configuration for Equipment 

C) Checklists accessible on Maintenance Console 

D) Move Console UI Improvements 


Back to Work Enhancements

As a facility manager, I want to limit bookings on any floor to the reduced capacity targets I set, so that I keep employees safe while they return to work.

  • Set occupancy targets on the Space Console
  • Hotel rooms are not available after the capacity target reached

As a facility manager, I want to limit users from booking more than once for the same time period so that I can prevent employees from double-booking the few seats we have available.

  • Set application parameter “AllowMultipleBookings”
  • Users receive a warning if they try to book a second desk for the same date/time


As a facility manager, I want to be able to configure and send professional-looking e-mails regarding return to work so that the messages reflect our specific instructions and are easy to understand.

  • Configure notifications via Edit Messages
  • Send emails on Mark Employees for Return to Work



User-Defined Fields for Equipment


As an asset manager, I need to track certain attributes of both equipment and equipment standards that are not in the standard tables, so that I can inventory and report on things that we care about. Examples are touchscreen monitors and insurance costs

  • Configure and “promote” asset and asset standard fields
    • Existing database fields not yet included
    • New user-defined fields
  • Access the View Configuration feature from the Manage Equipment and Standards view


 Checklist available in Maintenance Console

As a maintenance supervisor, I’d like to have access to the checklists that my field workers filled out so that I can review and modify as needed.

  • Call up checklists on the Maintenance Console
  • Fill, review, or modify answers



Move Console User Interface Improvements

Move coordinators need an easy-to-use interface to manage all the move projects on a site; they need to easily find what their moves.

To meet these needs, we have redesigned the Move Console to include:

Easier top-level search with additional options

The Move Console's filter has been redesigned to optimize space and present a second set of filter options in a separate pane. For example, in the below image the user searched for move orders in building XC and then used the secondary filter to search by the requestor. The search found three moves, as listed in the Move Console.





A re-designed details page showing applicable information only

For group moves, the Move Console now displays tabs only for the types of move orders assigned to the group move. To add a new type of move to the group move, you use the Add Move Type button. Move project details are now displayed in the right pane when you choose the Edit Project Details button.

Join Archibus on the 2nd of February to learn all about the latest V25.4 features. Follow the link to attend the 'What's New: Archibus v25.4' webinar. 



If you would like to learn more, please contact us! Call us on 0118 977 8560 or alternatively email us at info@mass-plc.com

Martin Matt


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