Managing your way through 2021

Suddenly we find ourselves in 2021 with Christmas behind us and time ticking on at its usual faster than the speed of light rate. Mostly, we are in one of 2 camps, either we have been on furlough for months and have become DIY and gardening experts or we have been working at break-neck speed to keep our respective businesses ticking over during the pandemic. One thing I know for sure is that we never want another year where we are required to re-write everything we have learned, know, expect and have taken for granted from our office-based roles!

Having said all that, the flip side to this coin is that change is good, the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving situation is key and 2020 has brought out the best and the worst in us all!

Suddenly in March 2020, despite our expectation levels being set by the media, we were shocked to hear BoJo plunge the entire Country into lockdown! That is one of the moments in my life I will never forget, I met that news with a mixture of shock and disbelief, as I am sure did many of you.

At Mass we initially focused on what was important, to continue to provide support services to our clients. We mobilised the team to work from home, utilising our cloud environments, secure connections, softphones and of course the infamous Zoom application. We set up regular team meetings and immediately were able to offer telephone and PC based support. We are also available to come to the site if so required and since March 2020 have seamlessly provided all these services to all our clients.

We also found that this period gave us some thinking time about sales, project management, future growth and direction, in some ways we had the benefit of unexpected breathing room. In light of this, we have welcomed some new faces to the team and said au revoir to others.

However, as time goes on the novelty of home working has worn off and many of us, although we have gained time in our working day with the removal of the commute and had the bonus of being able to work in our pyjamas (bottom half only!), we have also realised there are frustrations to being home-based whether that is the kids, the dog, our neighbours doing DIY or the temptation to stray from the PC and as Managers this has become our new challenge.

We have learned that working remotely and, in a world where there is much uncertainty about the economic future engenders feelings of loneliness, isolation, a general feeling of being disconnected, unplugged even, along with an inability to separate both work and personal space and time. These feelings can lead to uncertainty about self-worth, performance, difficulties with prioritisation, communication and these negative emotions can lead to a myriad of other emotions and issues. Self-isolation for those amongst us who have been unfortunate enough to experience it, makes us realise how much, as human beings, we crave social interaction with others.

We have had to adapt to working as a distant team and in some cases, this has been extremely difficult. Now once again we need to adapt, not only to an ever-changing situation but in time to a slow, methodical, safe and well-planned return to the office environment. As employees, this is the approach we must embrace, and as Managers, we must ensure that our office environment is safe and that all our staff are confident and comfortable along the way. We are fortunate to have very spacious offices at Innovation House that lend themselves well to social distancing and we are therefore have begun the process of returning to the office, perhaps not on a full-time basis yet, but as Heywood taught us, Rome was not built in a day!



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Tracy Knight 


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