Field Configuration V25.3

In this blog, we give a brief overview of one of the new features in Web Central 25.3 the View Configuration - Enable Existing Fields and Define New Fields.




  1. 1.   Overview

Archibus V.25.3 adds powerful ways for you to configure your data fields and views. With the View Configuration feature, you can track, manage, and report on any available, stock field in Archibus space inventory and employee directory. You can also add your own fields to Archibus space inventory and employee directory.


Upgrades to new Archibus versions automatically preserve your field and view configuration settings.


With the View Configuration feature, users with appropriate security groups can:


  • Promote Archibus stock fields so that they are available in a select set of views.
  • Create new user-defined fields.

Business process owners create and promote fields in these tables:


  • Buildings
  • Floors
  • Rooms
  • Employees

All users can then work with user-defined and promoted fields in these views:


  • Define Locations
  • Define Rooms
  • Define Employees
  • Space Console


  1. 2.   Promote Existing Fields


When working with the Define Employees, Define Locations, or Define Rooms view, you might need a field that exists in the Archibus schema but is not visible in these views or available from the Select Fields form.


In this case, you can access the Configure Fields form from these views and "promote" an existing field by setting the Promoted? option. The field will then be available in these views, as well as within the Space Console grids. Once you promote a field, it is written to the schema and is promoted in all views that use this feature.


For example, the Network User Name field exists in the schema but is not available in the Space Console. From the Configure Employee Fields form of the Define Employees view, you can promote this field. It will now be available in Define Employees as well as the Space Console.




The view needs to be reloaded and then the promoted field will be visible and available in Select Fields.





  1. 3.   Define New Fields


When the Archibus set of stock fields does not track the data you require, you can define your own fields, directly from forms, using the Add User-Defined Field feature of the Define Locations, Define Rooms, and Define Employees views. Specify the key properties of the new field, and the field will be immediately available in these views, as well as in the Space Console grids.


For example, a Facility Manager may want to add a new field to the Rooms table such as the Door Code access number.





  1. 4.   Access your New and Promoted Fields in Forms and Reports

Once you define and promote fields, you can access them in the Space Console, Define Locations, and Define Employees views.


For example, this image shows that the Define Rooms view now presents the Door Code field, and that you can edit this field using the Space Console's edit form.




  1. 5.   Label and Highlight Floor Plans by New and Promoted Fields

Working with the floor plan in the Space Console, you can highlight by new or promoted fields of the Room and Employee tables and display them as labels. For example, you might highlight rooms which have a Door Code (Has no Value, Has Value), with a different colour for each highlight.



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