Introducing SpaceIQ, the new organisation name for Archibus


Welcome to the latest MASS blog. 

This time, I want to give you an update on the latest developments at Archibus/SpaceIQ. 


Since the acquisition by Archibus in May 2020 of Space IQ, the range of products now provides greater coverage than ever before. The previous products and organisations were:


In order to bring clarity to the brand names and product positioning for our clients, the three constituent organisations have worked together, spoken to clients and partners, and decided a new way forward.


The new organisation is known as SpaceIQ, and the brand names are Archibus, Serraview and SiQ.





Mission statement: making workplaces good for business and great for people.


The fundamental connection between the products and their usage is space, which is why “SpaceIQ” was chosen. SpaceIQ represents a full range of powerful products associated with leading-edge technology and innovation.


Of course, Archibus does Space and much much more.

  • Real Property helps customers manage owned and leased space
  • Capital Projects helps customers manage schedules and budgets related to space
  • Maintenance helps customers keep their space up to date
  • Workplace Services helps customers find and reserve space
  • Assets help customers manage assets within their space
  • Sustainability and Risk helps customers ensure that their space is compliant and sustainable
  • Space helps customers optimise their space use and occupancy


So how do these products align?






Space Management

Maintenance Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Capital Project Management

Asset Management

Resource Scheduling

Environmental & Risk Management

Workplace Services

Customization Layer



Complex Moves

Configurable integrations

Single-tenant system

Complex org structures

Chargebacks / polylining

Custom fields

Custom workflows

Configurable email templates

Dashboard & reports

Open APIs


Simple Moves

Out-of-the-box integrations

Multi-tenant system

Simple org structures

Dashboards & reports

Open APIs


Product comparison


Deployment models


What does this mean to Archibus users?

Archibus will continue to be the industry-leading product that it is today. The benefit of a combined organisation will lead to enhancements across the products, and this can already be seen with some Serraview Space modules being available within Archibus SaaS.

There is also the opportunity to add coverage and functionality within your estate portfolio, using different products. For example, you might want to start managing a new area in a simple way, or as a quick temporary solution; this could be serviced with an SiQ solution and moved to a full data-rich Archibus solution later.



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Alastair Jeffery


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