Managing the new normal with Archibus

Welcome to another blog, today I wanted to discuss how we can help you manage & support you through these unpredictable times.

Fortunately, we here at Mass have a couple of potential solutions that can be used to manage things for the company who’s looking to get people back into the office on a temporary or permanent basis again.

The first solution we have is the obvious one, Archibus. In another blog, my colleague has gone over the social distancing measures that have been added as well as several other tools in the newest version of Archibus, but the information I intend to cover exists as a part of a module in older versions of Archibus as well so that people aren’t disadvantaged by having an older system.


The specific module I am referring to in this case is called Workplace Services, and then further within that module the application Hoteling. Within this module, you can take space data and set it against time and date and have it marked as booked and occupied by employees.

This means that you can set space data such as rooms (offices) or even go as far as setting desks as individual rooms within your system, thus allowing you to manage your space and set it up for employees to come in and either hotdesk or occupy specific rooms on specific days for specific times.

The second solution is a Mass custom module called the room booking system. Much like the concept of the hoteling module within Archibus, this will allow you to take your space data and set it against time and date within the Calendar so that you can manage who and when is using your space.

This works much the same way that the Archibus Hoteling application does, only it works through a ColdFusion interface so you can set up your access and management without necessarily having access to Web Central. The reason that I further bring this up as an option is that it is likely cheaper than the Archibus module is while doing the same job.

Finally, I want to mention that should you want to set up hotdesking within your system, that you will have to modify your CAD drawings within your space data so that the room polylines are set up for the desks as well as the rooms they’re contained within. I bring this up because there is a fair amount of work involved in this process, and you may not necessarily have the time to make the change, whereas we are in a position here at Mass to be able to offer the service to you.

In conclusion to this blog, I would like to say that should you be considering returning to your office space as a temporary or more permanent measure, that you should consider these options we have available to you at Mass.



If you are interested in this topic and would like to chat to MASS all about it, we are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at

Callum Doyle 


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