Mobile Maintenance app V25.1

In this weeks blog, we give a brief overview of the new features within the Mobile Maintenance application in Web Central 25.1.



The Mobile Maintenance app allows Supervisors and Craftspersons to manage both Corrective and Preventive Work Requests and the ability to create new Corrective Work Requests. These Requests are synchronized with the Maintenance Console.


Access to the Mobile can also used with the Chrome browser using the following URL:





The Maintenance mobile app now contains a series of user-friendly buttons to guide them through their work sequences in an intuitive manner. With these changes, they can work more efficiently and avoid data entry errors.



  1. Logging Work Hours

Rather than entering the time that you start and stop jobs, a craftsperson will find it efficient to use the new Start, Stop, and Resume buttons to record time spent on a job. For example, you can swipe "Start" at the beginning of the job, at a later time you can pause the timer, and then resume the timer when you return to the job. The Start, Stop, and Resume buttons enable craftspersons to record their hours quickly and accurately, which in turn provides an accurate cost for the maintenance job. Besides, the interface helps prevent common mistakes, such as starting a new job while a current job is still running,

The new interface also enables users to see the number of hours already logged on a job shown under the Stop button as ‘Jobs Totals’ on the details page.



After selecting the Start button the user selects the Work Type





The Work List now displays each job's date/time scheduled and associated equipment, so that craftspersons can more efficiently prioritize their work at a glance.



The timer can only run on one Work Request at a time




 A summary of the status of each request is shown in the list depending on the Work Type.


 Changing the status of a request for example from ‘Issued and in Process’ to ‘On Hold for Parts’ and then back to ‘Issued and in Process’ requires Comments to be added at each stage.



 Verifying and Recording Equipment by Barcode

Since many sites label their equipment with bar codes, those bar codes can be utilized to ensure accuracy. Your site can enable an optional feature that prompts craftspersons to scan the equipment they are servicing in order to verify that it matches the item referenced in the work order. Similarly, when craftspersons need to enter a value into the Equipment field, they can simply scan the equipment's barcode.


When starting work on a request with an Equipment asset attached, a prompt to Scan the equipment barcode is displayed.


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Andrew Taylor 


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