Reservations Calendar Console V25.1

In this weeks blog, we give a brief overview of the new Reservations Calendar Console in Web Central 25.1


The Reservations Calendar Console provides a graphical calendar interface, like Microsoft Outlook, for making reservations and managing existing reservations.





The Reservations Calendar Console is a central, consolidated view with which Reservations administrators can plan and manage room and resource reservations. It is part of the Reservations module and Reservations application.

With the Reservations Calendar Console, you can: 

  • Search for available rooms that meet your criteria
  • Reserve a meeting space (conference room, training rooms, and so on) by choosing available times from a graphical calendar.
  • Reserve resources affiliated with the room, such as whiteboards, overhead projectors, and catering.
  • Display the reservations calendar in day, week, or month format.
  • Schedule recurring and continuous reservations
  • Schedule resources
  • Manage global conference calls
  • Resolve conflicts for recurring reservations
  • View attendees' availability based on their Outlook calendars if you have the Archibus Extension for Microsoft Exchange. If Exchange integration is not configured, you view attendee availability based on the other reservations that they have in Web Central.


Details of each room can be displayed along with the location on the floor plan.



The Reservations Calendar Console offers three tabs:



Use the Reservations Calendar Console's My Reservations tab to review, edit, copy, or cancel reservations that you have made.

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