What’s new in V25.2

Last year Archibus released their cloud-based solution and over 2019, Archibus released quarterly updates starting with 24.1 to 24.4 Earlier this year Archibus released 25.1 which merged the developments of the Cloud and the Enterprise solutions incorporating all application and a new common interface. In line with the quarterly release program Archibus V.25.2 will shortly be available, it is a full-software release and contains the following major enhancements:

·        Platform and Other Changes 

Numerous bug fixes address key support issues across the product line, including fixes to the following programs. For details, see Archibus V.25.2 Revision History.

  • Smart Client grid
  • Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD
  • Esri


Return to Work 

Planning to safely welcome employees back to the office is a concern for all facility managers. To support a return to work, Archibus V.25.2 supports:

  • Space planning cases
  • Social distance validation
  • Auto-cleaning after hoteling

Additionally, to support maintaining a safe environment after employees return to work, V.25.2 include the Dynamic Workplace bundle of existing applications. This is available for both Archibus Cloud and the full Archibus product.

Return to Work Process

We have identified four phases to the Return to Work process:

  1. Situational Awareness:
    • employee and location data. This is your current inventory.
  1. Workplace Planning 
  2. Workforce Enablement 
  3. Monitor and Adjust 


Returning to Work Planning

Workplace planning focuses on:

  • critical employees
  • phases and shifts
  • hoteling and fixed assignments
  • capacity constraints


Determine Returning Employees


The Mark Employees for Return to Work view includes new fields to denote a return to work:

  • Always Remote 
  • Days in Office
  • Return to Work Info
  • Employee Status



Assign Employees to Safe Seats

  • Highlight rooms by status
  • Filter rooms by
  • Vacancies by day
  • Employee days in office & return to work info
  • Validate social distancing


Return to Work – Workplace Enablement

To enable your plan:

  • Select hoteling desks on the Space Console
  • Use Workplace to book desks and report problems
  • Auto-schedule cleaning before rooms are available for use


Return to Work – Monitor and Adjust

To support the final phase of Return to Work, Archibus has a new "Dynamic Workplace" bundle. Use this bundle to provide your employees with the tools and resources that they need to stay safe upon their return.

The bundle is available for both Archibus Cloud and the full Archibus product. It includes the following:

  • “Dynamic Workplace” home page, shown below
  • Condition Assessment 
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Health & Safety 



Space Changes

Space Planning

Many enhancements designed for Return to Work were trends before the pandemic and will continue.

Even if you do not use the Space features specifically for managing Return to Work, you can use the features for general space planning. For example:

· Assigning employees to phases and days of the week

· Designating employees as working remotely

· Assigning room statuses

Space Console

You can now export for printing floor plan drawings that contain border highlights. See https://www.archibus.net/ai/abizfiles/v25.2_help/archibus_help/user_en/archibus.htm#../Subsystems/webc/Content/web_user/space/quick_start/content/space/general_tools/export_dwg.htm

You can retain layers and define default layers. 



Move Console

The Move Console differentiates employees who are part of the move project from employees who are already assigned to a selected floor and shown as a reference. As shown below, employees to move are shown in blue, and employees assigned to the floor shown in black as a reference.



Building Performance Report

Space / Space Inventory / Building Performance / Building Performance Analysis report now includes a bar chart.


Other Application Improvements


Access to reference docs for archived work

Capital Projects

MS Project 2016 support

Outlook Plugin

OAuth2 authentication with O365


Upload customer logo and colour theming.