Archibus Steering Committee


Over the years we at Mass have been involved in the development of Archibus through our own Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and as members of several Archibus application steering committees. This last year has been no different and with the release of Archibus version25.1 Beta, we will be testing and feedback on the new interface and applications. It has over a year since Archibus Version.24.1 was released. Since then Archibus has produced and released three Archibus Cloud versions:

V.24.2, V.24.3, and V.24.4. Detailed below are some of the enhancements in terms of interfaces,

Archibus V.25.1 contains all the improvements from those three Archibus Cloud versions, plus:

  • New WEB Central User Interface
  • Home page improvements throughout the entire software suite
  • Application name changes to simplify and clarify the product offerings
  • Schema and demonstration databases that present both Archibus Cloud modules and all other Archibus applications


Over the next few weeks we will be producing a series of Mass Blogs on the new version and its features, so to get your mouth watering here are a few key application overviews.


WEB Central User Interface Refresh

Users will find much-improved sidebar navigation, which replaces the Process Navigator. 

Benefits include the ability to:



Home Pages

Home pages can still be used for navigation as before. However, because navigation is much-improved home pages can serve as dashboards that display your key metrics and alerts.

Home pages for each application and module have been updated to focus on metrics and alerts. With the improved sidebar navigation and Shortcuts list, tasks are easier to access and so have been removed from the home pages. However, you can still customize home pages to include tasks, if you wish. 



User Interface Refresh and Platform Consistency

All of Web Central received a user-interface refresh, making all views and reports more intuitive and visually pleasing. The new user interface is consistent with Serraview, making integrations between the two platforms more straightforward. 

The view header can display a customer logo, as shown with the "AMC" logo in the below image. For information on adding a custom logo.




 Space Console

The Space Console has been redesigned to provide a simpler and more intuitive user experience. These changes save you time in finding the specific location, allocation, and occupancy information that you need. 






Both the Maintenance mobile app and the Maintenance Console have been enhanced for this release.

Maintenance Console Overview

The Maintenance Console enables you to manage all aspects of your work requests from submitting the request to closing it, all from one location. 

The Console shows only work that needs your attention, as the console filters requests by your role. For example, if you sign on as a work team supervisor, you will see only work requests assigned to your work team, while logging on as a business manager, you would see only requests requiring your approval. 

When Maintenance mobile app users sync their devices, the changes are uploaded to the Archibus database and reflected in the Maintenance Console.



Maintenance Mobile App

For your mobile field workers, the Maintenance mobile app now contains a series of user-friendly buttons to guide them through their work sequences in an intuitive manner. With these changes, they can work more efficiently and avoid data entry errors.

Logging Work Hours

Rather than entering the time that they start and stop jobs, your craftsperson will find it efficient to use the new Start, Stop, and Resume buttons to record time spent on a job. For example, they can swipe "Start" at the beginning of the job, then later they can pause the timer, and then resume the timer when they return to the job. The Start, Stop, and Resume buttons enable craftsperson to record their hours quickly and accurately, which in turn provides an accurate cost for the maintenance job. In addition, the interface helps prevent common mistakes, such as starting a new job while a current job is still running,

The new interface also enables users to see the number of hours already logged on a job.